Argo's Oscar nominations look like...

Obama's Nobel prize.
I'd regret paying to see it in the movies.
And your point is (how does this relate to Audiogon)?
I found it entertaining for 2 hours on a plane, but have a hard time understanding what all the hype and gushing praise was about.

Entertainment, but that was about it.
Political points in a high end audio forum are not appropriate.
we speak about music performances here so can speak about movies.
you can speak a-bit politically while you can and while we still have soon to be ended bill of rights active.

i give argo three stars--well made but not oscarworthy; a bit dreary. i felt the same about the hugely overrated zero dark thirty. on the other hand, django unchained is one of the greatest cultural achievements of the 21st century.
"piece" wtf?
"soon to be ended bill of rights active." again, wtf?
"soon to be ended bill of rights"?

What is it they say in that film right after they say ARGO____ _______!

Peace outÂ…
Marakanetz, wow...very deep. Maybe run for office so I can consider you more credible.
only after you surrender all of your weapons LOL:-)
is this what this once great and inspiring audio site has come to? It makes me sad.
most of us folks here once knew how to have fun too. condolences for all good past.
Dem. Rep. Diane DeGette has the solution for the high-capacity magazine. Look it up.
It just goes to show the "high-capacity" of those representing us!!!
Our founding fathers warned against what is happening right now.
I know that we all are here to discuss audio.
When you bitch that your (rights) audio system is being taken away, it will be too late.
I should keep count of how many times I write this, where are the moderators when you need them.
Moderators posted this thread after 4 hours of careful evaluation manually and decided to allow.
I'm an idiot. What rights am I losing?

Moderators posted this thread after 4 hours of careful evaluation manually and decided to allow.

I'm curious how you know this? We're you contacted?
no i counted hours from posting till posted. if moderation is automated, than i don't need to wait 4 hours...

Vicdamone, you can start from #1, 2 and 4.

In reality I only intend to critisize tasteless and useless Oscar nomination for neither roles played complexity or what this scenario or the whole Hollywood worth now. If our beloved Mr Obama would all of a sudden try to become a film director just like Ben, I betcha he'd get an Oscar regardless of the movie quality just like he's got his Nobel Prise.

Connections and political status mean much more than arts(burp).

I'm not sure the Home Theater forum is the best place for this thread, but I think AudiogoN should have a forum available for people to discuss ideas tangential to music and movies.
There's music portion, but there's no movie. So the Home Theater for now and movies later:-)
no i counted hours from posting till posted. if moderation is automated, than i don't need to wait 4 hours...

There are days when no new threads are posted for 8-10 hours. I never considered the delay was because moderators were looking at them. If I had to guess I'd say there was either no moderator on duty or the moderator on duty was asleep at the wheel. More likely just the new and improved Audiogon working as designed.
I'm definitely stupid. I'm still able to do everything I did fifty years ago and actually a bit more here in California.

Are you sure you're OK?
Been pulled over for no reason?
Can't buy liquor on Sunday?
Bad hair day?
Haven't gotten a raise in the last fifteen years?
Can't get an abortion?
No pot stores in your state?
Can't marry your partner where you live?

Is that what's troubling you Bunkey?
That's what you see, but I don't care and really don't give
a truck weather it's been just sittin' or moderated. It's
just there.

I got ya. You'll be even OK when halifat takes over
constitution and I won't.
Oh please....

Try turning off the FOX echo machine and enjoy the Spring