Argent Roomlens,s ?

Do they work and how so.
Yes. I have three of them set-up by the instructions. Imaging and soundstaging were the immediate improvements. All you have to do is install them for awhile and then remove them. You will notice a distinct difference in how your system sounds. I would rate it a solid 25% improvement. The improvements are more subtle than dramatic. Hard to find any used.
The improvements are subtle only when installing them into your room. The change is far from subtle when removing them after you have had them for a while. I put three in my room after removing all ASC flat traps and Room tune products and I could not be more pleased with their benefits. Good luck finding them used. There have been some threads on AA about do it yourself versions.
On how they work, the only info I've seen is on Jon Risch's web page. Email me thru Member Lookup if you need that address or if you're interested in DIY clones I can tell you how to make (in detail). I use two flanking my Quad ESL 63's and recently made a 9-tube 32" long Lens to handle reflections from the right side of my room (which has heavy drapes on the left side). They not only work beautifully, but they do better than RPG-style diffusors there. Some Stereophile reviewers use as many as five Lenses in a room, and I'm now inclined to think they know what they're doing.
They absolutely do work. I've installed six in my room, although I experimented with placement and ended up with a much different configuration than is suggested by the manufacturer (due, I think to the odd configuration of my listening room itself). Results - much smoother overall frequency response (got rid of a nasty 100 hz bump) and dramatically increased transparancy and air in the soundstage. The differences are not subbtle and others commenting are right on when they say removing them makes you realize how much you really need them. They also have to be one of, if not the most, cost effective improvements you can make in your system.
Thank,s for all of your help and suggestions.
Ronc, what is the configuration of your room,did you buy in stages, say three at a time.Did the material of your wall,s have anything to do with your findings.what other if any products do you use in conguction with. And finall placement of roomlens.
Thanks for your input
Tom_nice shared his designs with me and I have made a couple, and they do indeed work. Thanks Tom!!
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Ronc my email is phone is 1-671-477-8325. my adress is 278s marine dr, s.102 tamuning guam 96911