Argent room lens

I’ve heard great things about the Argent Room Lens as a good way to have room treatment without much complication. They’re supposed to be flexible in placement and present a good value. Any comments? Btw, if anybody in the forum has a lead an available set, please advise. Thanks all. 

Any diy plans you can share?? Thanks 
I built a set many years ago following this guide: http://https//

They definitely can help improve your soundstage but aren't nearly as effective as traditional room treatments. Not even close. Once I treated my listening area with GIK's products, I threw the DIY room lenses in the trash. 
I’m an Argent Room Lens guy. I was listening tonight and was admiring what a great job the lenses do to help focus the central image and expand the stage width ( just what they were designed to do).

 I know this is a discarded thread so-to-speak but I figured “why not”...?  I bought a ‘real’ set (not home-made) over 10 years ago and find they really help tie in that last bit of focusing ability. 
I use them as part of a number of acoustic treatments which includes ASC Tube Traps to GIK panels as well as RPG diffusers... even some Michael Green Room Tuning treatments... and more... 

I have always been a firm believer in the notion that a great system evolves from a fundamentally ‘catering’ room. My listening rooms throughout the decades have varied considerably but I’ve always managed to tweak out the most fidelity the rooms would allow the components to present...[”at least I believe so....”] LoL...

So, if used ideally as an addition to an already treated room you might be happily surprised when the baker adds the inscription to the icing that’s already on the cake. Good Luck & Happy Lissn’n.