Argent room lens

I’ve heard great things about the Argent Room Lens as a good way to have room treatment without much complication. They’re supposed to be flexible in placement and present a good value. Any comments? Btw, if anybody in the forum has a lead an available set, please advise. Thanks all. 

     It looks like Argent currently has a deal going on for a set of 3 for 25% off the regular price of$1,000.
     I certainly wouldn't spend my money on these but strongly suggest you buy a set and report back on your impressions.

I owned a 3 piece set for a while. It is a way to dial in the soundstage. I eventually sold them after I purchased more involved sound treatment.

They seem like a great DIY project.

Any diy plans you can share?? Thanks 
I built a set many years ago following this guide: http://https//

They definitely can help improve your soundstage but aren't nearly as effective as traditional room treatments. Not even close. Once I treated my listening area with GIK's products, I threw the DIY room lenses in the trash.