Argent Room Lens

Does anyone out there have any experience with these room treatments? I am considering them but am looking for a bit more input from others. Thanks in advance Will
Sorry, this is not a response to your question, a Ihave the same question as you. However, if you fellow Audiogon room treatment wizards would be so kind, I would like to know if the Room Lenses work well with regard to dissipating standing bass waves, and any comparison as to the effectiveness of Room Lenses vs. ASC Tube Traps. To do up my 14 1/2' x 20' x 8' room with tube traps per IAR (Moncrief), the cost would be b/t $5000-$10000. Any comments would be very much appreciated.
Check out the review at I think you will find some answers there
I've made several imitations of the Argent Room Lens, using PVC pipe that costs about $12 for a set of three Lense, medite and masonite. I don't fully understand how they work but they do work, though not, I think, in the bass range. If anyone wants to know how to make them, get in touch.
Tom I sure would be interested. Could you please post advice on building the lenses or E-Mail me Thanks Will

can you provide building instructions. Send to [email protected] ThanksĀ