Argent Audio BOBS

Anyone familiar with Argent Audio BOBS?
I've had a pair on my Fab Audio Model 1 speakers for about a week now. They work beautifully. They give my speakers more of the electrostatic purity I covet without reducing their detail or dynamics at all. I heard them on one other lower resolution system where their benefit was less apparent, but I'm totally sold on them. If you have a high resolution system with dynamic speakers I'd recommend giving them a try.
Check the archives too, there's a thread from last week, I believe, on this subject started by a very happy user of them.
I have a set...what the hell are they and what do they do?! I have them, and I cannot answer my own questions, but they are NOT leaving my system.

Ric did explain them to me, and I acknowledged I heard him (not to be confused with understanding what he said), but his explanation was over my head. They are easy to hook up, and for me, the difference was noticeable right away.

I did not hear anything specific, but my system just sounds more "real," that is the only way I can describe it.

FWIW, I am using Legacy Focus 20/20 speakers being driven by a McIntosh MC-352.
I've had a pair on my VR-9s for about two months now, and like Dbld, they ain't leaving! Ric has explained the principles behind them, but I'll be damned if I could understand it. The bottom line is that they were clearly superior to my Walker Ultimate HDLs--which were none too shabby in their own right--with increased clarity and vividness, particularly in the all-important midrange. I've heard of people who haven't had any success with them, but I know I did. In a way, they remind me of Bybee products, which also operate somewhat mysteriously. I haven't had any luck with Bybees over the years, but the BOB works. Plain and simple.