Aren't you sorry you missed out on this one? It's already sold out! LOL

Some people will like this finish and some won't. I have an UltraDeck and I like it. Read the reviews and customer reviews  Would I trade mine for this? No, but they will probably sell a lot of them. It's good marketing and good for vinyl. Of course there are better turntables out there for higher prices.
There certainly is no accounting for taste! I've never seen this particular TT up close & personal but have to say it looks pretty in the pictures. I've always liked the sunburst pattern on guitars. The Gibson Hummingbird was and still is one of my all-time favorites! Looks and sounds beautiful! Do I think the extra grand for this finish is worth it? Obviously, some folks do and I say more power to 'em! Live & let live! As for the snarky comments about MoFi and the Ultradeck, well, similar to there being no accounting for taste, ignorance has no bounds, either. At the Ultradeck+M price point, you'd have to spend twice that much to get a TT that is demonstrably better performing.
Love the Fender sunburst finish. I own one. Would have gone for it, but will not buy a cheap belt drive just for looks. Now if Technics did an SL-1200 rendition, I would grab one:)
Well the really sad thing is that you folks haven't heard the $2500 bargain (that's w/ cartridge). 
Let me know what table, matching all specs (you're allowed to take off $500 for the cartridge but have to include the 10" arm), that you folks would buy new.
May I suggest a Thorens 209 or 309...........9"arm and discontinued. LOL