Aren't you sorry you missed out on this one? It's already sold out! LOL

1000 x $3500 average quality tables sold out? The world (and analog) is bigger and richer than I thought.
I doubt they had a 1000 units in stock or manufactured yet, they are probably just sold out of the latest shipment.
The most expensive part of that table is the finish, aside from that it looks to be another cheap belt drive table.
I'm sure that everyone will be snapped up though, the guitar world is much bigger than the audiophile world and these will become very collectible.
As a huge guitar player and owner of a vintage Strat I think this TT looks like the cheesiest thing ever - just based on aesthetics alone.  
"As a huge guitar player and owner of a vintage Strat I think this TT looks like the cheesiest thing ever - just based on aesthetics alone."

Long time Guitar wanker here . I like the burst finish, but the Fender logo has to go-cheese deluxe indeed.

UltraDeck is a great price point table. Print out a burst finish and glue will get a close enough effect. Save some dough on the upcharge.
Congrats on their success

Not Sorry. Aside from any other considerations, IF a single tonearm, I want removable headshell.
For that kind of money you could buy a Sunburst Strat and a nice turntable.  
For perspective, remember the ugly ass one built into a coffee table? Believe it or not there's worse crap than this out there. Maybe not more inappropriately tacky, this one gets you your full $3500 worth of kitsch. 

Fender make a great guitar 🎸 nothing more .

One caveat, Fender amps from the 50s and 60s are legendary!
They do not even have the parts for all of them because they are waiting on their Chinese manufacturers. Current delay is 12 months.
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As the French say “Each to their own taste” (Chacun á son goût).

Granny said “One man’s wall hanging is another man’s door mat”

I’m holding out for the avocado or blue flame model.
There's no accounting for taste, mine included.  I actually like it, except for the big Fender logo.  It would look much cleaner without it.  Would I pay that much for it?  Not a chance.
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If we're going to talk about ugly audio components, this won't crack the top 100.
I believe Rega went a similar route a few years back with less than impressive results.

Just another way for the TT company to make some extra bucks. :-)
The most expensive part of that table is the finish, aside from that it looks to be another cheap belt drive table.

Exactly; only a beginner can believe that there is technology and innovation in that turntable that can motivate the purchase; let it go and look forward.
Clever cross marketing. An already well received deck with a sunburst finish to harken to end user’s beloved guitars.
As a guitarist, I have always had strong affection for my sunburst guitars. But, mostly, this type of finish is used for acoustics not electrics. Not a fan of Fender acoustics. Martin or Gibson, especially old ones. I have a sunburst 1937 Gibson L00. Love it.
The only problem with playing Hendrix on this table is you have to turn it upside down
That's one fine table there! It takes a really nice table for me to get excited but this one is pretty damn cool.
I am sure that is not true.  Who is nuts enough to pay that much for a Mofi junker?  They are full of bull at Mofi.  Took them 3 years to repair my QUAD ESL2912's - worst experience in 40 years of hifi!
Some people will like this finish and some won't. I have an UltraDeck and I like it. Read the reviews and customer reviews  Would I trade mine for this? No, but they will probably sell a lot of them. It's good marketing and good for vinyl. Of course there are better turntables out there for higher prices.
There certainly is no accounting for taste! I've never seen this particular TT up close & personal but have to say it looks pretty in the pictures. I've always liked the sunburst pattern on guitars. The Gibson Hummingbird was and still is one of my all-time favorites! Looks and sounds beautiful! Do I think the extra grand for this finish is worth it? Obviously, some folks do and I say more power to 'em! Live & let live! As for the snarky comments about MoFi and the Ultradeck, well, similar to there being no accounting for taste, ignorance has no bounds, either. At the Ultradeck+M price point, you'd have to spend twice that much to get a TT that is demonstrably better performing.
Love the Fender sunburst finish. I own one. Would have gone for it, but will not buy a cheap belt drive just for looks. Now if Technics did an SL-1200 rendition, I would grab one:)
Well the really sad thing is that you folks haven't heard the $2500 bargain (that's w/ cartridge). 
Let me know what table, matching all specs (you're allowed to take off $500 for the cartridge but have to include the 10" arm), that you folks would buy new.
May I suggest a Thorens 209 or 309...........9"arm and discontinued. LOL
I'm holding out for the Lamborghini/Pirelli collaboration.....rumored to have a 600 HP motor and racing slick turntable mat.
Price upon request.
I like seeing things like this even though I'm not buying; it's interesting cross-marketing and it's good business practice. Nothing wrong with wanting to sell more of the product you make. Whether the aesthetics appeal to somebody, well, that's what aesthetics are all about - some like it, some don't. What a surprise. 
It looks like someone took a Fender guitar and turned in to a turntable. I don't see musicians buying this over-priced table and I don't see audiophiles taking this table seriously. It's a no-win situation but somebody will buy it as a collectors item.
I have an UltraDeck playing through a Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista Vinyl phono pre, through McCormack Deluxe TLC-1 Pre, and McCormack DNA Deluxe Gold amp, all out to Genesis III floor standers and dual Servo-12 subs. The UltraDeck sounds 'fing great.

I also have sitting right next to it, a SOTA Star Sapphire VI w/ MagLev bearing, vacuum hold-down, Origin Live Silver MKIII arm with a SoundSmith Hyperion cartridge setup on it. It sounds a little bit better, but not much. Unless you've heard an UltraDeck in your listening room I doubt you have much of a clue just how excellent this combo really is. A pure joy to listen to!
Next. A MOFI deck with a Fender "road worn" finish at double the price.......LOL