Areil 10t Speaker Repair

In 1997 I purchased a new pair of Aerial 10t speakers and they have been meticulously cared for since then. I recently found a crack in the finish of the head unit approximately 6in long with the finish peeling up from the composite. I have had my dealer contact Aerial Acoustics about this problem. Their response was that they have not had satisfactory results in refinishing the head unit and that I will have to purchase a new unit for 500.00 which is suppose to be 1/2 off the normal replacement cost. This seems a bit extreme and not really an option for me. Has anyone had a similar problem with 10t's and what was the result? These are no longer on warranty.
500.00 is not only reasonable but sounds like a great bargin and is quite nice of the company considering you will be getting a new head unit. And its just another reason to buy Aerial in my opinion.I have never heard of this before by the way and I know many 10 t owners. Things happen however . The 10 s are classics and worth keeping. 500.00 is chumpchange compared to purchasing a comprable speaker anywhere from anybody.
Agreed, live with it or throw down the $. $500 is a steal for a new head on one of those. I talked to Mike Kelly one time, and he said fully 1/2 the cost of the 10T was in the making of the head unit. (I presume talking here about cabinets only, but maybe he meant drivers too.) It's not a cheap piece and $500 is a bargain in my opinion. I have 2 pairs of Aerials (5s, 6s) and will probably have more in the future. Good to hear they are doing what they can to make it right, esp. on a product that is out of production now too.

The cracking of the artificial stone head on the Aerial 10T's over time is not unheard of. As such it should be considered a design or materials defect. However, you have had six good years from one of the finest speakers in it's price class. It sounds like they are splitting the cost of making it right with you. It will be hard, probably impossible, to get better sound than this for anywhere near the cost. My personal experience is that there is a certain "cost of doing business" with high-end gear. I think that the $500 bite is an acceptable part of this cost.
Id also say to take the $500 deal on the replacement head.A small price to pay considering the cost of these speakers. Though dont believe that Ariel isnt making at least a few bucks on the deal still. With Ariel, you pay alot more for R&D than you do on actual materials.
The material cost of all Aerial loudspeakers is one of the highest in the industry as a percentage of the retail value and is higher than the the similarly associated r & d costs . Aerial r & d is however held in the hands of a few of the finest loudspeaker craftsmn and engineers in the world . Compared that cost to the r & d overhead and engineering overhead of companies such as Harmon and you can appreciate the value in Aerials products . The head unit is novalith , chosen by Mike Kelley for its high density and low resonance characteristics. What better than an inert material for loudspeaker construction . The cracking is very rare and generally in the first production run. But as it is a cast head there is always a slight chance it could develop a crack. Most instances where this occurrs however , the speaker was either mishandled or in a very low humidity enviroment. When comparing Aerial material and construction to other speakers in their price range , Aerials material cost as a percentage of the speakers retail price is one of the highest in the industry and clearly higher than that which many other companies spend on their products . The driver construction xover component and hand crafted Norwegian cabinent are but two examples that clearly reflect this dedication to quality and value. The above insinuation regarding the material cost vs the r & d costs are simply incorrect .
If you all read the post carefully, it sounds like it's just the finish that is cracked/peeling - totally cosmetic, from how I read it. If that is the case, it's not a structural defect, just a cosmetic thing.

BTW, I think the cabinetry comes from Denmark. The earlier (pre-96' ? ) cabinets were not as nice as the later versions.

Pardon me for mispelling Aerial's name on the original question. First off I never meant to imply that the speakers were not worth spending 500.00 on, only that at this time I/m not able to do this. Also this is not a flaw in the casting but just in the finish. All that i am looking for are options other than replacing the head unit that have been satisfactory. I/m certainly not denegrating Aerial in anyway and have been very happy with them in every other way. Thanks to those who have responded.
I apologize too as my response was somewhat defensive in nature . I own and love their products and am a friend of Mikes as well so I felt like defending what I perceived as a slant on their workmanship vs their research and development dept. My mistake .
Have they corrected this problem with their latest version? I hate to have to go back in a few years and pay another 500.00 for a crack finish. IMHO I believe a company that sells a speaker with that price, would replace it at a lower rate or do it for free.
They should, but they dont. If your that worried, sell of the 10t's and upgrade to the new 7's which are a better sounding speaker regardless and dont have that inherant problem to worry about. Kinda odd, unless Im seeing reposts on other BB's Ive seen alot of posts on problems with the 10T's head lately.