Are Zaolla Cables worthy of your home theate????

I ran across these cables on the internet under Zaolla Silverline Cables and the seem to have all the right materials of a good cable, only the price seems to be very reasonable, for the build quality. I really liked their component video cable. I would like to know how they rank and if you would chose them for you system. They claim to have very high grade silver and that is what drew me to them.
I had a set in my field recording rig & found the quality was poor. When I removed the XLR connector I found bare exposed wire instead of the usual sealed shrink wrap solder joint. I was imediatly dissapointed as I feel even the cheapest of most cables do not leave a bare solder connection to the terminal end.
Fishwater, thanks for your input. May be someone was drinking a little to much "tequilla" on the assembly line and forgot about sleeving the termination! Just kidding, thanks for the info!