Are you using DH Labs?

I recently proclaimed my love for DH Labs in another thread (, but wondering who else uses them here on the forum. If you use their cables, which ones do you use? No need to go into detail, just curious which ones people have.
I used to have DH Labs. Started with Silver Sonic full loom. To their reference interconnects. Did not tried their reference speaker cables though.
Good entry level cables.
Since changes to Cardas, then AudioQuest SKYs, and Nordost TYR 2.
and many others in between.
I give highest marks to Parts Connexion/DH Labs Connex BL-Ag bulk IC balanced wires and to DH Labs silver headshell leads.  It's all you'll ever need, well above the entry level, and all I need.
@lprules1962 - what reference interconnects? What are you using now?

@dgarretson - they make headshell leads? Can you send me a link?

They retail for around $50 per set.  I can't seem to get the URL to stick to this post, but the headshell leads are on their web site.

I use solid core silver available from Parts Connexion.

They sound perfect, but physically brittle. I've had a couple of them break at the connection end in my XLR AND RCA cables.

If I could afford stranded silver I would go that route.

I have used silver plated, stranded copper speaker wires and found they took a long time to break in, and when they did they were no better than stranded copper.


I use Q-10 bi wire speaker cables which work fine with three different amps and two very different speakers.  I also have the Revelation IC's in both rca and xlr which are not currently being used.    
@rhljazz have you considered selling your Revelation RCA? If you would consider, what length is it at and how much would you want?

I have a very similar setup with Q-10 biwire, Revelation IC's and Air Matrix IC's. Very happy with everything I've used from them.
@dgarretson Thanks for the reference on the headshell cable. I just looked into the Connex bulk cable you were referencing, and they look like a great wire! Currently 50% off at Parts Connexion too. I might have to try em out. What are you using for the connectors of those cables? Have you ever compared them to their Revelations? I wonder what the difference in sound is considering the Revelations are not shielded.
@lprules Pretty sure that the cables in your system cost more than my whole system. :) Curious, what's in the rest of your system?
@thiefoflight - not that broad a base for comparison but, perhaps most tellingly, I do use it in preference to the (at one time) well-regarded Stereovox XV-2 digital cable.

Compared to the XV-2, I think the D-750 is a little fuller bodied and more satisfying to listen to. The XV-2 has a leaner sound. Detail retrieval with both is very good. These differences are subtle, at least to my ears and with my gear.

Also have some lower cost Audioquest cable: VDM-3 and Dyson Audio Audioquest Solid Silver Digital Cable. D-750 detail retrieval seems better than the VDM-3. The Dyson seems dark toned and a little murky detail-wise (but it was cheap and worth a try!).

If you can find a D-750 with 30 day trial or used, it would be worth trying out.

@thiefoflight  With the Connex/DH Labs BL-Ag bulk wire I use KLEI solid silver RCAs and Neutrik XLRs.  I have a hankering to try some boutique XLRs with this wire, but have not gotten around to it.  My thought is that to obtain top performance from a fancy XLR plug, it would be a good idea to also upgrade the panel-mounted XLRs in the chassis-- which is a PITA. 

 BL-Ag wire also makes a good low-capacitance phono IC.

@ghosthouse thanks for sharing your thoughts!
@dgarretson wow, just looked at the KLEI connectors, and they are pretty affordable for being silver. May look into that route. Do you happen to know the capacitance of the BL-Ag per foot? That's exactly what I am looking at it for... low-capacitance phono. 
@thiefoflight  17pf/ft. (measured silver conductor to silver conductor) and 27pf/ft.(measured silver conductor to aluminum foil shield.)
DH Labs has a promotion on their Facebook page.  Post a review of something you are using for the chance to win $1000 worth of cables.  ($1k goes along way with them !).  Not too many reviews up there, so the odds are good for a well worded write up.
Anyone have any experience with their power cables? I'm interested in hearing about the Red Wave or Power Plus. I currently use PS Audio AC-5 for pretty much everything but I'm wondering how their stuff compares.