Are you using anti-skating or not

On my side i always got better result without using anti-skating.

And you?
I have always used very little anti-skating force.

A thread started by member Thomasheisig on this very subject that may be of interest to you under the title.

Antiskating....The last analogue secret
I have always had the best results with as little anti skating force as possible in my setups both now and previous ones. Cheers
I run mine as low as possible, but I've never heard of anyone not using anti-skate force at all - in fact, I was under the impression that it was fairly impossible to do that.
Never use it. My 12" arm has no anti-skating provisions. Neither does the Empire setup I use mostly for 78s (this one, with a Stanton 881 and set for LPs, will track all four torture tracks of that HiFi News test record). The second arm on my main table, an SME IIIs, can be set for anti-skating, but I don't employ it.
None other than the twist in the tonearm wires in the JMW 9 arm to the junction box. It sounds better without than with and does not seem to affect tracking.