Are you still playing CDs after, comp based syst?

I own 2 DACs
Hegel hd11
P S audio PWD,
Macbook pro
Sometimes I have the urge to spin a CD, no idea if this mostly psichological?
I dont currently own any cdp, wondering if I could get a value/performance one, I also play vinyls a lot, but I do have many cds.

Rest of my system.
Luxman 550 AII
Harberth comp 7 ES3

My budget for a cdp around 1000 new or used?

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I still love the sound of a CD played on my modded CEC TL-1X transport through PWD MKII DAC. Generally use a Byrston BDP-1 digital music player, but sometimes there is a warmth to the CD playback that analog fans probably love about their LP's.