Are you seeing more 9/10s?

In my recent round of upgrade fever I had what was for me a new experience: shameless Audiogon condition rating inflation. Maybe once as an Audiogon seller have I rated an item 9/10. But three pieces I purchased recently were rated 9/10. Two of the pieces were nearly ten years old. One seller told me in correspondence that "for its age it's a true 9/10!" 9/10 means (1) less than a year old, (2) very light use, and (3) physically indistinguishable from new. None of the three met these base requirements. I eventually purchased them because they were priced appropriately and through much private conversation I verified their true condition (7/10 and 8/10). I remember when it seemed that all sellers went to great pains to rate conservatively and fully describe flaws. It frustrates me to have to approach listings from a default of skepticism and become Mr. Buyer Detective. Is this new? Am I seeing phantoms? Overreacting?
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I believe age shouldnt matter.  If its 20yrs old and looks perfect, it should be a 9/10.  I see so many 9/10 ratings now that should be a 7/10 or less.  I always ask the question does it have any scratches or nicks anywhere?  And almost always they respond with a "yes very little ones that you cant see from a distance, but looks like new from listening area".  I want to respond with a WTF everytime.  Or bookshelf speakers listed at 9/10, and have a ton of marks on bottom from spikes.  They will state in the ad, "you cant see the marks while they are on stands"....again WTF, its still there and wasnt there from the factory.
I believe 10/10 is the only rating with an age requirement. Less than one year old (and in perfect condition). 
Hmmm, interesting thread, I have repeatedly questioned "new" ratings, been blocked by the seller who got mad when I asked questions. I would not buy toilet paper from anyone who gets irritated by being questioned. I can say I have had some great experiences also. All of them were happy to answer my inquiries and did so in a timely fashion. 3 month ago i made a transaction where seller said it was "Mint" condition. Unit is 14 years old. On communicating many times we came to an agreement. When I received it I have to say it was truly in "Mint" condition, not new but not a mark, scratch or other fault anywhere. Seller disclosed every little item down to the condition of the original packaging and wear on the remote. He rated it 8/10 due to age. Now that' honesty. We'e still talking to this day and will continue to do so. That is rare. My motto is Buyer beware of non communicating sellers.