Are you/or do you want involvement in a audio club

No I'm not trolling for the Wisconsin Audio Society. We do have a small group and have lots of fun and occasionally listen to music, but I was wondering how many other people are involved in an Audiophile Society or club. OR how many people would like to be involved in one but don't have access to a good club.

I hope this makes sense. Put your $.02 in!
We have a very active group of folks here in the Philadelphia area. Of course, I am leery of any club that would have me as a member...
Hi, I have been the president of the Montréal Audio Society up here in Canada for 6 years. We have around 100 members and hold meetings twice a month, one of them exclusively for classical music. We have lots of fun and it's great to be able to share musical and audio knowledge. We have a web site but it's in french only at


Serge Jobin
I have a few "audio friends" here in Colorado Springs, but no club. I think it would be interesting to find more people involved in the hobby.
I'd like to hook up with other audiophiles and music lovers for selfish reasons. I think it must be the only way to judge the sound of your own system. I've never heard any other system except my own and I'd like to hear others and have people over to hear mine. I'm in the Tacoma Washington area (Gig Harbor). Currenetly listening to Bill evans and looking at Audiogon.
Jdombrow that's why we started meeting. It's fun to post here and talk to people about audio/music related stuff and not have them roll their eyes, and fall over from boredom.

We've even been able to line up a few guest speakers to bring thier products and talk about what they're doing. That was a lot of fun. I'd never been able to get anyone to come to my house and just talk to me, but when a bunch of people are involved the manufacturers are interested too.

There's lots of fun to be had, and a little learning too.

I've lived in the Boise area since 1987, having left the Omaha/Lincoln Ne. area where I had lots of friends to share my love of music with. I bemoaned my belief that I was one of a very small number of people in Idaho that cared about two channel reproduction. Fortunately, I met a man that is now a dear friend at an auction of audio/video gear. I had made myself a "name badge" saying something to the effect that "I love vinyl". He kept looking at my badge and I finally introduced myself hoping to meet another vinylphile. When I said my name was Patrick he said, "Lugnut?" It seems that Steve (Vetterone) also logged onto Audiogon on a regular basis.

Steve and I have gotten together regularly since that chance meeting several years ago. I've introduced him to the joys of analog and he has shown me so many things that I wouldn't have been able to experience without this relationship. Great digital, cable and interconnect comparisons and music that was new to me are but a few of the things he has generously shared with old Lugnut.

Somehow he met a member of a long standing audiophile group here in the Boise area and we both have been members for a couple of years now. We meet officially once a month except during the summer months. Many of us get together, listen to music and have dinner at our homes when the "need" strikes. This is a great group of enthusiasts from all walks of life.

The club has filled a void in my life and provided an opportunity to become fast friends with quality people. I only wish I had met all of these guys much sooner.
I belonged to the Bay Area Audio club basedin San Francisco for a couple of years but I think interest in the group has waned. The problem for me was that it was on the peninsula and I live in the East Bay. Any audiophiles Berkeley or north I would be interested in sharing interests.
Hi, Slipknot1. I'm in Philadelphia area as well (NE). Where exactly are you? One great system you have. I'd be interested in listening to a new music and systems, and of course have people over to hear mine. Regards, Ilia.
I sent you email....
Hi Stevecham, I'd love to get a little East Bay thing going, but I'm only around during the summer. I'm in Berkeley.
That's pretty cool that people are stumbling over neighbors (so to speak) here!
I don't think anybody has mentioned the big apple. Well in good ol' Brooklyn we have the Gotham Audio Society. Unfortuiately I rarely go to meetings because of my work schedule, but the few that I have attended were very informative. This is where one can exchange ideas, listen to different components, and enjoy the company of other audiophiles. I would highly recommended that anyone who is interested in our hobby join their local audio club.
Stevecham, the Bay Area Audiophile Society has become rejuvenated of late and it has, if anything, an East Bay leaning. Check it out.
I would like to know of one or see if others in the Youngstown OH, Pittsburg PA area would like to get one going
There is one being cranked up as we speak here in the Washington DC area.