Recently I have seen a couple of postings complaining about poor quality polishing cloths that accompany various CD/DVD cleaning (enhancement) solutions. 
Here is a low cost product solution: - - - You can get a 10 pack of blue "LINT FREE" polishing cloths at "simplygood" for $11.25. I have been using these cloths for over 10 years to polish CD's and DVD's., using a couple of different cleaning solutions that have worked perfectly for me. Again, "no lint", and they stay in perfect condition forever (at least I have never worn one out) !! Depending upon the cleaning solution used, the cloths should never need washing, unless the solution used, contains chemicals that leave a residue in the cloth. Give them a try.
Good idea, but I do wash mine, I just use no soap.. I want ALL the stuff gone.. My micro fibers are 10 some 15 years old.  I have maybe 100 or so.. Just 2 5 gallon buckets, one to the other about 6-8 times. Lose the water, every other time.. No micro dust scratches, at ALL..

I use them on everything, my glasses too. Vinegar water is a good CD and glass cleaner.. PH of 5.0 is a good cleaner, removes oils much easier.. LOW $$$$$ ay.. Smell well deal with it...LOL


I have tried many different CD treatments over the decades. IME, they all oxidize- eventually. Easy to tell as the CD sound dull.

I simply clean each CD, as new, with a tiny amount of pure liquid soap, no lotions, and pure water. I have a RO for cooking and drinking, and that water works great
After trying most, if not all of the expensive CD cleaners, some of which, roll off the highs, I’ve settled on the eyeglass cleaner sold by Walmart in their optical department, and the micro-fiber blue cloths sold by Costco.

A quick cleaning, and then zapped with the Radio Shack VCR degausser, and I’m good to go. This is every bit as good as anything I’ve tried over the years.

Eyeglass cleaner = $3.00.
Micro-fiber cloths = $10.00 for a billion of them.

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Eyeglass cleaner = $3.00.

Hay oregonpapa, does it say what's in the solution or the PH?
Just wondering..


@ssoldhvymec ...

No mention on the PH. The brand name is Zeiss Lens Cleaner. Ingredients are:

Deionized water
2-butoxy ethanol
proprietary detergents and preservatives

It comes in 8 fluid ounce bottles. The bottle says that it is safe for all coated lenses. 

I've been using it for a few years now for both my reading glasses and CDs with no detrimental effects. 

For further information, you may call the manufacturer at 1-800-358-8358

Take care ...


Thanks... I wanted to see how they were removing oils. 
Ph on detergents is 8-9.
Ph on deluded vinegar is 5.

Neutral it 7.

Either way will do it..

Ionized water has a charge?

Degaussing works great in the dry summer, wind is blowing like crazy..

Towels for use in a dryer, to remove static, work nice too..

All kinds of tricks..



Whatever cloth or tissue you use carefully inspect the first CD for micro scratches before you get too carried away. Polycarbonate is much softer than glass. Inspect The CD under good light with a keen eye. Best not to buff the CD, better to dampen then dab with Kleenex or whatever and let dry.
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