Are you looking for a great classic analog jazz/vocal/blues album?

If you are, I highly recommend Lou Rawls and Les McCann, Stormy Monday.  My favorite is the vinyl on Capitol.  

Everything about this record is an 'A' for me.  The soundstage, musicianship, sound quality--they are all perfect.  I know as Audiophiles we have to buy Patricia Barber and Diana Krall (I certainly love them), but this recording is something real to me.  I hope others can sit down and listen and find my opinion out of the ballpark or spot on.  

All the best.
Do you have the mono version?

There is a reissue available on the "Not Now" label. I will probably try to find a used mono version. Thanks for the recommendation.
I may check that out because my copy is going to see some wear over the next 20 years.