Are you in the over 30 K club??

I read in Stereophile that their average reader has invested around $33,000 in their home audio system. Wow, thats a load of money. In your observation does this seem accurate? My system consist of Krell, VPI, Dynavector, Audio Physic & Cardas and I put in together here on Audiogon for around $3,500 lightly used.
Are you in over $30,000 club? That's not list prices it's what you actually have paid.
No but I sure wish I could afford it.
Can I answer anonymously so that my wife doesn't find out.
If you did all that for $3500 I need you to shop for me!

The most I ever had in a system was upwards of $50k but now have less than half that.

Guilty as charged, but most of my money was very well spent.
I know of a lot of people who have spent $30K+ on just cables.
On the other hand I also have about $30K in various cartridges that see very little use, but it is most gratifying to take an old friend out of the box every now & then just to catch up.
I believe that if you see something that you want, need & can afford - Get it & ENJOY it!
Life is short & very precious, but the 4 -5 hours a day that I listen to my music & my system is priceless.
NO, I have spent about $5,500. 24.5k to go!
I think over time it is reasonable to reach such a "pricey" level of audio luxury...I started out like many people, in my 20s putting together what I could and when I could...then as time moved on, I made more money, traded up and continued to build great systems as my abilities to discern the differences between equipment matured and my own tastes became better defined and refined.

So, yes, now 25 years after I purchased my first pair of "audiophile" speakers, I have a system that is by most standards pretty expensive and well over the $33k average....

A moderate percentage of people just go out and drop a $100K+ on a systems (more when it comes to today's HT setups) simply dependent on whatever gear the dealer they happened upon represents. I know for a fact that such people exist, however how can they not lose out on the benefits of "learning" how to put a system together and you have to question if they were able to ever really develop their own tastes and preferences over years of auditioning equipment, changing out your own stuff and/or borrowing gear from a fellow audio type....

I just think it has been more fun to develop and build my system over a long period of time and I suspect most people on this board would agree.

Just my thoughts, John
the readers poll also suggests no one buys much music, which throws the profiled enthusiast into a very strange hobby of obsession.
If I added the 30,000 dollars for the system I unwittingly bought my ex wife who never listens to it and the 8000 I spent peicing together a system knowingly for myself and the gyro se turntable my daughter bought for me I guess I would be in the club. Oh $%&t I forgot she got my membership too ! Nevermind. Oh well my system now sounds better , the 30,000 dollar system always seemed to have this high pitched annoying buzz emminating from her 80% of the house but not from mine and the kids 20%. Cheers!!!!!!!

Yes, over $30K after many years of upgrading. Down from a high of $50K+ a couple of years ago. Still a music lover, with 3K+ LP's and counting.
As they say here in Texas, you don't ask someone how many head of cattle he has. You don't ask him how many acres are in his ranch and you sure don't ask hiim how much his stereo costs.
30K?... is this the price paid or the retail price of the gear if retail price is paid to replace it??? I try for the 50% of retail on purchases due to the rapid decline in value once gear is used. Sometimes I pay more or retail if needed, but the hobby is only fun if a financial bath is not routinely engaged in. Too often, one bad review and the gear is doomed to sub 50% status. jallen
Right at $30K (almost all purchased lightly used) and about 25% of it is in the closet (rainy day, just in case, but honey I really need an integrated amp, etc.).
Now I know why I always felt out of step with Stereophile.

I enjoy my music system just fine but doubt that this hobby could ever deliver 30k of enjoyment. Even though I could afford it I choose not to.
Unfortunately, yes, and a bit more.

If I also count all the upgrades over the past 30 years, it might be enough to buy a house in California.

Being an audiophile is expensive. But one thing I learn after spending all those money is that I don't have to spend a lot to get great sound.
If I counted retail, and included to AV system.. then yes. If I only count what I paid... sadly, I am a pauper.
My take was that a stereo for a hi-end system cost as much as your car. So if you have a $30,000 dollar car, then a 30K stereo was for you. (So, if you have a $70,000. car... you better go out and spend some more money!!)
Or, a percentage of gross income. If I have a system equal to my yearly after tax income, Am I more dedicated than the guy who has a 100K system, but earns 700K a year?
Folks who drive a $2K car, (or even just ride the bus!!!)and have a 25K stereo, are "TRUE AUDIOPHILES" in my book. Sacrificing all else for musical pleasure.
Not even close - slightly less than 1/3 of that
Stubby writes:
I enjoy my music system just fine but doubt that this hobby could ever deliver 30k of enjoyment.
Interesting quip. I don't know how to measure that - "30k of enjoyment".

I wish that's all I had into it...
Not even close, not even at retail. But I'm married with horses.
Metralla - Interesting quip. I don't know how to measure that - "30k of enjoyment".

30k of enjoyment would be equal to 30 short vacations or a car which would provide at least tens years of traveling to see among other things my grandchildren or fund a trust for their education or a down payment on a dream home which would shelter me and my 10k system. It could take me around the world several times if not in low-earth orbit. But to spend serious money on a neurotic past time - not me.

But seriously I doubt that when I'm enjoying that last breath of air I'll be thinking, "If only I'd spent 30k on a music machine I'd have been happier."

Just call me a skinflint. :)
Passed that a while back and I am a movin on down the road.
I've spent waaaayy over 30K, but most of it has been wasted.
I sold off most things and kept my favorite components which cost about 9K total. So, I spent about 50K to get 9K of stuff that works well- that's about 80% money wasted.'re not alone on this....a love of music and a need for hi end audio have nothing to do with each other.
It also would work the other way around
I doubt that when I'm enjoying that last breath of air I'll be thinking, "If I wouldn't have spent 30k on a music machine I'd have been happier."

You can't take it with you
Easy. Even with the deals I got on used equipment. I consider it my Beamer! And my boat!
I'm 52, oh, you mean money ?

What does 30K really get you, one component or more trouble$ ?
30K is in my rear view mirror.
I'm close. I'm not proud, just obsessed.
Way over that. If I added up all my audio expenses in the last 45 years I would probably faint. One year alone, I spent a small fortune on PolyPhasors. Remembet them? Passive boxes between all the components and speakers. Supposed to make a big difference, with imaging and sound stage. Another year I designed a 4 way speaker system, Four amps, a Pioneer electronic crossover, Strathern midranges, Pyramid T1 tweeters, Dynaudio woofers etc Bedini, Bryston, Belles and A big BGW power amp for the subs. Sounded horrible, it replaced my Altec 19's and I replaced my design with a pair of Dahlquest DQ10's so I could still use the T1 ribbon tweeters. That was just some of my audio expenditures. It hasn't stopped.
Gulp, I shudder to think! For sure over that between my 3 systems, and as much as I want it to stop it I can't seem to. Main system is CAT Renaissance pre, Harbeth 40.1's, Rega TT, Sonic Frontiers SFS 40 power amp (which is truly a jewel). Bedroom is Naim XS, Harbeth compact 7's, some older Sony CD player. HT system is Parasound P7, OPPO BDP-83, Martin Logan "Feature" & Quad speakers.

How does one turn off the upgrade itch??
My electrical was over $30K !!

Not even close. I probably broke 10k spent over the last 10 years this week. Still, I think my system out-performs most of what I hear in showrooms for under 50k.