Are you going to buy or sell anything on Audiogon in the near future ?

And beyond the near future.
Yes. The best place to sell if you want it to sell promptly at a good price.
Actually done well here, USAM and eBay of late.
Items that are modestly in demand and priced very well will still sell despite the current crisis on our hands.

My items for sale box is extremely small right now fortunately.
Lots of good bargains and choices...I see folks are offloading gear to keep the cash flow.  Crazy times, let’s hope this all end soon and we return to normalcy. 
I use US Audiomart. It reminds me of the "old" Audiogon when you could communicate directly with buyers and posting fees were either free or very low. Audiogon is just not seller friendly IMO.

Nope, done with both systems.  At some point I will buy a  Dynavecter DV20X low output MC Cartridge.  I will buy it from the dealer I bought the Technics TT from and have them set it up.   Perhaps toward the end of Summer if and only if I feel safe taking the long drive.  Other than that, no.  I am very satisfied and don’t have much more disposable income for more gear.   Daughter is getting married in November if they allow gatherings of 80 people by then.  Otherwise, she will postpone it until Sept 2021. She refuses to do a “virtual wedding” and I don’t blame her a bit. 
I hope to find the following items at huge discounts/savings;

Boulder 2160 amp
CMS equipment rack
Esoteric G1 clock.

I just sold an ANK amp on Usaudiomart, and bought a Sugden A21 Signature Integrated for half price. No fees or hassles. 
Always looking at what is available for sale. One never knows what may come up at a great price.

My father, rest his soul, had a favorite expression often expressed
after hearing similar statements. "Crap in one hand and hope in the other.
Then see which one fills up quicker".

I have sold 6-8 items on USAM over the last 2 years with no issues.
As far as I am concerned it the only way to go.


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Probably not. I used Audiogon only when I could not find the store for what I was looking to buy. Now, I do not feel I need anything.
I highly recommend Echo HiFi as well.  They are in Portland, Oregon and get incredible amounts of great HiFi gear at great prices.  
just bought the Heresy IV's from a local shop..donating a pair of Martin Logan bookshelf speakers and a Yamaha A760 to one of my sons. i'm blessed to be healthy and working, caring for extremely sick covid patients. listening to music is one way i unwind after a stressful shift in icu.
we need to get people back to work.
hoping everyone stays healthy.
btw: playing muddy waters folk singer... oh man does that sound good on these or what!
Never say never but my system has been pretty set for a while and I don't see changing it anytime soon. Not to mention CV-19 has me watching my pennies.
I've a Marantz SA 8005 CD/SACD player I need to move along, but am unsure if the current situation might be driving prices down, or maybe up since so many people are stuck at home and on the Internet. I don't know whether to use Audiogon, U.S. Audiomart or Ebay for that matter. And since a neighbor recently passed away with Covid-19 I'm leery of using the the local small town Post Office to mail a package out, as I'm sure other infected local residents may have used it. Its a place everyone goes to, some without taking any precautions. So the forlorn CD player sits on a shelf in a storeroom.


What other CD player did you buy? I thought this Marantz was not that old.

Your dad sounds like someone I would have loved to meet.  He was a very wise man.
I don't think you have to go to the post office to mail a box. Just create an account with USPS on-line, pay, print the label, attach the label with a tape and your mailman will pick it up at your door.
You do have to have working printer with paper and tape.
Most of my last year purchases were on US Audiomart as well. Good experience. I did buy couple couple of cables here, but in one case it was from someone I already had bought in the past, and in another case I first talked to the designer of Wywires cables and then bought from him on Audiogon. Don't sell anything these days.Yes, I think both ebay and Audiogon want too much in fees, it wasn't like that years ago. And overall Audiogon was a better place, more interesting as well.
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As soon as the lockdowns are lifted I have a TT and set of large speakers to list.  Or I may build a second............nevermind the wife just hit me over the head with a frying pan. 
Selling only when necessary if not able to sell elsewhere.

Buy YES when those Vandersteen Sevens show up for around $15K!!!

My company builds audio components so I don't need DAC, Phono, Pre or power amps any longer.

I am always looking for a bargain on better speakers (whatever that means) and a transport though.

Happy Listening.
I have done business with The Music Room for my last couple of transactions. They are fair and it is an easy transaction whether it's a trade or outright sale to them.
No, not buying anything - looks like a lot of price gouging going on right now.  Here and on eBay.  Looking at the crazy prices people are asking for decades-old Audio Research gear, whereas in January it all sold for much less.
I am in the market to sell the following items OR just find them a good home. Is anyone interested? Let me know.

Carver Magnetic Field Power Amplifier M-400

Sumo Polaris Class AB Model 310

Sumo Delilah Model 0110

Dynaco Stereo 120A

Sony Compact Disk player Model CDP-991

Dynaco Stereo PreAmp PAT-4

Dynaco Stereo Tuner FM-5

Soundcraftsman PreAmp Equalizer Model-2217

Luxman Cassette Tape Player/Recorder Model K-15

Luxman Direct Drive Turntable Model PD121 with Ortofon Cartrige

SUMO OPUS THREE Subwoofer and 2 Satelite Speaker Systems

Two AR-4xa Speakers 

All original paperwork for all above items

Quite an eclectic collection there Jim.
I would try USAM for that lot with some decent pictures.
Should get some takers
If I replace my Klipsch Heresy IIIs with the IVs later this year somebody's likely to get a pretty good deal on the IIIs, but then again, I might keep 'em.
no buying or selling for next few months, though hopefully some selling later in the year

After all this schitt has calmed down, I will be putting up for sale here on A’gon an all original Dynaco ST70, a Dynaco ST70 mk II, a Nuforce STA200 and perhaps a Parasound A21+.

And if I get really energetic, a pair of Cardas Neutral Reference interconnects and a pair of Meitner interconnects as well as a Morey James power cord, the latter two being relatively unknown.
Also, I am going to buy SR orange fuses from everyone selling them here when the new polka dot fuses come out.
hi, not good for the UK, want some spectral audio, DMA 400, mono's,   240v, by the time it hit's our shores, twice the price, we need a tax exempt  like we had in the EU, 
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I’m shopping tube pre’s, here and USAM. Still researching what I want, and cautious b/c of cash flow, but once the ‘Itis has bit....
I've had good experiences here over the years as a buyer. I don't think I've ever sold anything, lol.