Are you getting ridiculous offers from new members

I've been trading here for over 15 years and just recently I am getting stupid offers and comments on my listings from members who are fairly new, have no feedback, no discussions. Trolls
Don't get discouraged by one seller. Some are likely leery of zero feedback buyers. To me, it is foolish to pass up any buyer that has interest in gear I have for sale. If I have it listed with an offer, then I am leaving some room to my bottom line price. If the offer is reasonably close to my bottom line, I try negotiating. If the buyer doesn't move from their offer, I move on. I have sold multiple times to low or zero feedback members without issue. I always make sure I establish some communication with them to get a feel for them before committing one way or the other. As to the question of what is a lowball offer, I suspect it varies from person to person. Some are obviously sensitive to it. I have come across people like the OP is referring to. I recently had a 15 year old piece for sale that I listed for 1/4 of it's MSRP, yet had seen the piece sell consistently at or above my asking price. I received an offer at 40 percent of my asking price. That is low ball IMO and I just immediately hit the decline button with no comments. I didn't get upset, I just declined. I also agree with the OP that more of that kind of offer is occurring here as of late. 
agree with Mr. Golf. Lowball is in the eye of the beholder. Some list items way over what the market is just to see it they can grab a sucker. I offer what it is worth to me. If the seller gets angry about my offer that is their problem. If I get what I consider a lowball offer I politely decline. Some of those turned into sales close to my asking price. Telling a low baller to go shove it accomplishes nothing.
My Opinion - A lowball offer is offering substantial below market selling price for the item being sold.  A lowball offer is not based on what a seller would like to sell an item for.   There are some items that only sell used for 15 or 20% of the MSRP even though a seller would like 50% or more of MSRP.    A 20% offer would not be a lowball offer.  Bottom line - A lowball offer assumes a reasonable seller and an unreasonable buyer.
I don’t mind low offers. But some come with scolding lectures on why I should sell at that price. 
I’ve also noticed many items being sold for significantly below asking price.