Are you familiar with this amazing artist?

Hello Friends,

I wanted to share my experience with one of my favorite female singers. Her name is Concha Buika and she is from Spain( Mallorca).
There were several posts about members favorite female vocal and she was never mentioned. That's why I wanted to introduce her to some audiogoners that are not familiar with her yet.
I could describe her voice as a sultrier Nina Simone. Her style is a great mixture of Jazz, Flamenco and Soul. Her range is insane and her stage presence is second to none. I can attest to that after seeing her at North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam and at Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA.

The two albums that I recommend to start with are:

1." El Ultimo Trago", featuring the Cuban pianist virtuoso Chucho Valdez.
2. "Nina de Fuego", featuring Javier Limon, one of the best acoustic guitar players I have ever heard, easily on par with Antonio Forcione( if you haven't heard Antonio, this Italian guitar master is crazy good!). You can check both guitar players on YouTube as well.

I hope this was helpful.

Thank you for sharing. I am always looking for new talent to listen to and enjoy.
Went and had a quick listen, yea she is worth pursuing and will follow your suggestions from above. Thank you and enjoy the music
Thanks....appreciate these types of posts..

Thanks to Qobuz... Listening right now. 
Africa Speaks is an amazing album by Carlos Santana, featuring Concha Buika. Interesting backstory on how he reached out to her.