Are you bored to tears with the topics lately?

I haven't read a spicy fight here on Audiogon in ages. What happened to you all?
I have been sitting naked in front of my system, drinking absinthe with five of my wives. Business as ususal.
Oh, we're still here.

It's just that those Bush/Iraq tirades eventually get flushed. And all the coal I shovel into those fires is just gonna get dowsed anyway. But, at least Audiogon let's us get in some good personal attacks before they delete them.

I know let's switch to religion!

Anyone read Da Vinci Code or seen all the recent documentaries revolving around Mary Magdelene, and The Holy Grail? Gnostic Gospels anyone?

Let's see if this even gets posted, heheh.

Happy Holidays!
Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. What's the matter,the rest of your wives don't like music?
The Illuminati are watching!
Long live Freedonia! (now on dvd!) Cheers,
Things have been pretty bland. I might have to pick a fight with the Tube guys again.

Ya the Davinci Code! Turns out Rosebud was the sled, hidden in a shed of a colonial era colony in modern day pennsylvannia.

Aint that something?
LOL Sbank,
Yeah, every time I look at the back of a dollar bill I get scared! That all-seeing eye is creepy. Heheh.

Who kicks ass on who? The Illuminati or the Priory of Scion? Leo Da Vinci, Andy Boticelli and Ike Newton in the Octagon versus some monks with flaming knives? I'd buy that on pay-per-view.
Lakefrontroad, tell us about your Turntable. Now that would be interesting to hear about. I had to take a double look at the photo.
Hey guys check out his system and that turntable.
I'm still here...just been a bum...maybe we need to start asking more politically incorrect questions.
Give our troops the Christmas gift they deserve...bring them all home—to stay— by New Year’s.

W-ush gave up looking for Osamarossanadana long ago, he is now only interested in affixing the carcass of Michael Moore to the front of the presidential limousine.

(There, that should inspire some civilized discourse.)
Ask Raul about tube equipment

Spencer & Gunbei,
You are referring to the "Pyramonster"?? doubt...what's up with that *do know that vinyl can't beat digital no matter the price don't you? Vyger, Clearaudio, Basis, Walker...pfffft...none of them can hold a candle to my Philips's them for fighting words...just kidding about the TT...definite work of art.
The Da Vinci Code? You mean that dumbed-down, sanitized
P-O-S version of the master work, "Foucault's Pendulum"? Jab-jab-jab, ducking quickly to avoid the onslaught of the tenth order of the Dan Brown-lars...

Oh, and Lakefrontroad, what's with the Toshiba cardboard box tweak on your NASA-approved turntable?

C'mon, who doesn't hate me now?

May the troops all soon have desk jobs...
That V.Y.G.E.R. Indian Signature looks more like a W.M.D. Rumsfeld Signature mkII. Cool!
spicy fights? yah, miss those... anyone remember Carl Eber? :-)
The limo's springs won't take his weight!
Maybe we can spark one, I have some issues with sellers!
Michael Moore is nothing more than an opportunist who capitalized on peoples fears with lies to make himself some money.
That’s the spirit! Zing!
The Da Vinci Code- it's a NOVEL- that's it. The problem I have with it is that Dan Brown weaves in "facts" that are absolutely incorrect, proclaims on talk shows that everything in the book is factual, and people lap it up. Education anyone?

Oh, and Michael Moore is a big fat idiot.

Jab, uppercut, down goes the thread!
I'm more civilized nowadays...
haven't been around much lately but still lurk now and then. the biggest problem i see with these fora (and the like comprised of "inmates") is that they're still peopled by idiots who think you can put together a world-class system by listening only to the opinions of others. it doesn't work that way. kinda' like learning to make love by reading penthouse.
I've been too busy trying to purge christmas of all religious overtones. Next up.....Easter.....
I haven't read a spicy fight here on Audiogon in ages. What happened to you all?

Who the hell are you coming around here telling us we're a bunch o' wimps?!! You wanna make something of it?!!! C'mon...put 'em up..put 'em UP!!

Never's late, I'm win.....

It's all them d@mn 'Submit Now' buttons. After hitting them several hundred times, we've 'Submitted'.
I tried to reach Carl a couple of times kind'a 2 yrs now but one response and then silence....

Think this comes and goes..... I look to tweak my system more and hear more music nowadays... job is getting most of my time and look forwar to a quiter season during the holidays...

Still try to decide which digital source to invest in ...
performance/money/obsolescence keep tormenting my mind..
good ol Pioneer 626 died on me some 2 moths ago...
But sill listening.. Isn't it what really matters???
Yes, that is a piece of audio art in the back of my listening room. No, it doesn't make music. I can only surmise that similar ones in other's rooms might. I spoke with the distributor prior to uncrating it and reshaping it into the form shown in the picture. Didn't seem to impact it's ability to recreate sound. I learned a lot about physics puting it together.

Personally, I'm reminded of the movie Wild Wild West and the contraption used as a transportation device. To date, mine seems about as useful. There seems to be a pump reality problem. Perhaps, a Bill reality problem. I need to discuss this with the distributor again.

I also believe that a slight adjustment to the independence of the legs would serve my sense of security a lot. I'll try to convince him to agree.

I find it interesting that you bring up my speed control stand. Yes, it's art. And I thank you for noticing.

No, I haven't decided on a replacement. Perhaps I will.

Frankly, I'm impressed that no one commented on the world's ugliest chair which may also be the world's most comfortable and hold a world class price tag. It does illustrate how out of control I am. I sat in the chair at the showroom. Loved the feel, hated the look and bought it without measuring the height to my ears. STUPID! Now, I'm having a platform eleven inches high made by my cabinetmaker to bring my ears up to the same forty seven inches they were with the world's most uncomfortable but masculinly cool chair, next to the aforementioned world's most ugly chair. GOOD MOVE EICHENGRUN.

Yes, I can conclusively agree that digital is better than analog and digital is better than tubes. Now that I've replaced the Philips transport with the EMM Labs CDSD I have music.

No comment on the music I don't have.

It probably doesn't hurt that I haven't heard vinyl in the room yet, I probably will be screaming that digital sucks when I do.

No, I'm not going to comment on tubes vs solid state. I am envious of the beautiful glow everytime I go to my friend Steve's house and listen to his Tenor 75's.

Now as to antagonisms...
What are you guys thinking, being so polite. I've gone to sleep looking for an adult thread here on A'gon. I thought that you've all died.

I suppose the old hate mail was difficult for the site, but really? If you can't hate the one you're with, what the hell is life for?

I miss you're real thoughts which bring out the mirror to your sick minds. Thank you for being aberrant. I feel at home.

Perhaps given your system and the ugliness of your chair, you should get yourself a litter, help up by a half dozen politically incorrect virgins to ensure that your ears are at tweeter height. How's that? By the way digital sucks!
Michael Moore is nothing more than an opportunist who capitalized on peoples fears with lies to make himself some money.

Seems like Moore and Dubya are two peas in a pod then!!
Prpixel, Step away from the bunny! Err, nevermind.....
Very disappointed that so many pick up on the Dan Brown reference(yes, boa--agree it's dumbed-down), bur NOBODY commented on the Marx Brothers reference! And to think I almost thought I'd found the elusive worthy club that would even have me(let alone Slappy!) as a member.

Wanna stir it up, fine.

Hey Sam Tellig: Quit talking about the Inmates and pick on us for a change!
Hey Big Andy: HAVE YOU GONE AWAY? He is the all caps retailer, right? You should have the ALL CAPS OLYMPICS with a certain pomp-ass from Philly. Winner is the one with the highest $ value system that customers aren't allowed to listen to.
Hey Shun Monks: I'd like to buy some wooden disks to put on my I-pod. Do you have anything for < $300 that will make MP3s sound like music and will grant me infinite wisdom? I could go $350 for the infinite wisdom.
Last thought, a pub full of the posters in this thread would be a hell of a lot of fun. Cheers,
shall we talk about cryo or "crapo"
Well, I'm threw out something really contraversal, religious sufferage, but noboby bit. Guess I should had stuck to audio.

I'm going to get some wooden Shun Monk disc ear rings and see if they effect the imaging of me system.
I'm bored to death, especially, with a thread that talks of being bored to death...and then again, there is the heartfelt threads about Lugnut/Pat Malone...peace, warren

How about another thread on "Jaw-dropping power cords"? There's the common-sense theory that if you have some well designed, beefy power supplies then the power cord makes no difference at all. There's the school of thought that sez a power cord is a tone control... absolutely bizarre. There ya go, have it boys, flame away.
ok here we go Shunyata python was supposedly excellent synergistic match for my Audio Aero Capitol 2 player one a/b test after several hundred hours break in no less with my stock $5 dollar cord and the python actually sounded very slightly like 5% better than the stock cord but $1000 list price absolutely ridiculous nothing more than snake oil if you ask me.
Ok,since it's Christmas and because you asked nicely,here goes:)

--The Morrison ELAD is the best bargain in audio.

--Tubes are distortion factories.

--Maggies need at least a thousand watts a side to sound decent.

--If you are using anything more esoteric for speaker wire than 16g heater cord from the hardware store,you are wasting money.

Merry Christmas
Hey Mejames,

Don't slam snakes and their oily secretions. A few years back, a Chinese co-worker gave me a vial of sweet liquid to cure a cough, and within a day, it was all gone. I asked her what it was, and she said, "Mostly snake bile." Cured my dog's kennel cough as well. So don't diss snakes. Or their oil! Or their bile! Hey, I was born in the year of the snake!

I still come on here almost every day, but there are rarely any threads that are worth responding to anymore!

I don't mind people being friendly, but lets not get carried away with it! There's gotta be something to argue about...
Cornfedboy, I agree whole heartly! Good to see you are still around. Viridian, that was great!! Ha!! Ha!!Listening to Bruce Cockburn and enjoying the season with plenty of holiday cheer(ALCOLHOL)

I'm with Nrchy. I stop by here daily as part of my stringent internet BBS regimen, and I've been bored to tears lately...hence little posting.

Much more exciting and HIGHLY disturbing posts going on at the the NEWAS forum...a little site than several of us Wisconsin AudioGoners and a few others started up this fall. It even has psychedelic smileys with santa hats!!

Nrchy, we're the wrong people to be posting here. You're too nice and I'm too passive.

Besides, everyone knows Bose 901s are the best speakers ever made. I don't know what the hell these godawful Kharma paperweights are doing in my living room...
I can find a *spicy fight* with the small %age of self-appointed intellectual (lack of) lunatics at my work.
So I come here for common knowledge fun and relaxation, life's got enough problems.
My hobby is *civilized fun*........thanks Psychic.
Now bring on some boring topics please ! (Best, greatest, latest, no tissues necessary)
Cornfedboy: ... "kinda' like learning to make love by reading penthouse."

Uh... oh... So maybe that is why.... uh, never mind.

Now ya got me thinking about in-home auditions... You guys are gonna get me into *trouble*...!

Enjoy (the season)!
You guys fired up Ellery911. Check the amp forum (dkdesigns) for flames while its still there!
Cheers Larry
Ausjoe, thanks for the thread redirect!

I hope this one goes into the new year, heheh.

The world sucks!

Disaster after disaster. Which ones of you are responsible for these? We want to know. It's time to root you out and punish you.

The war continues to muttle along, one human bomb after another. The only thing that's better about Iraq than Vietnam is we don't get live shots of the killing during the six o'clock news and made up body counts.

I want to thank the few brave ones who aren't appologetic for having a dissonant opinion. Thank God!

When the Democratic ex-president says nice things about the incumbent Republican president during a presidential election, what is left?

To me, it's much akin to liking the competitors I race against on the track. I'm reminded of the Montreal Canadians maxim of the sixties; if you can beat them in the alley, you can beat them on the ice.

Let's keep the friendship to a minimum and remember this is adult entertainment.

Now, it's time for the big boys to sign in here are have a few words to the fans.

You panty wearin', pinky twiddlin', gold knob turning, audiophiles with lousy physiques!
Gunbei, I'm gonna laugh at you in person at CES!