Are you an Audiophile or a Music Lover: Take 3

Following up on Muzikat's question in the Take 2 thread ... Can I upgrade one more before we start? (paraphrased)

You may upgrade or add ONE component before you start ... which will it be? As Karnak would say, You hold in your hand your LAST upgrade. Choose wisely, Grasshopper ;-)

I have it down to three:

the best integrated on the planet, or
new speakers, or
Sennheiser Orpheus system

This is going to take some thought ...
Can I hold up on the upgrade until the next new recorded music format sorts itself out? And do replacement tubes count as an upgrade? Hey, I'm a lawyer, I'm used to dealing with the Devil!
I would get the best analog front end and leave it at that. But I'm not considering replacement tubes as an upgrade (as long as they're the same as the ones that were in there before).
I could really use a TT that plays 78's, older mono LP's, modern mono LP's and stereo LP's properly. Guess this would have to be it and it might require two mounted arms (one for 78's) as well as switchable head shells for the other cartridges. Would prefer to go back to a SET integrated amp (instead of the push/pull that I am currently using) first though, as this is my only other plan.
After serious thought, I'd upgrade my listening room-- eliminate a window, put in thicker wall insulation, thicker or double sheetrock, reinforce floor etc. etc. etc. As David99 once said we're all "neurotic, two channel, sweetspot loners" (hope I got that right as the observation was great)-- well I'd add "and in the dark". Cheers. Craig
Ditto on the listening room.
Although not sure which ones I would choose right now, I'll go with speakers.
I'll go for what is behind door #3. Monty Hall says "you now have your own personal acoustically perfect listening room". And two llama's : ) Sean