Are you an Audiophile?

For many years, before I came to this forum; I considered myself an "Audiophile". Now, I am absolutely positively sure, that I am not an "Audiophile".
Define "Audiophile".

Then we can let you know whether we consider ourselves as such.
remember groucho"s comment? i'd never be a member of a club that would have me as a member! haha john
Wikipedia says an audiophile is:

An audiophile, from Latin audio[1] "I hear" and Greek philos[2] "loving," is a hobbyist who seeks high-quality audio reproduction via the use of specialized high-end audio electronics.[3][4] Audiophiles prefer to listen to music at a quality level that is as close to the original performance as possible using high fidelity components. These specialized components include turntables, digital-to-analog converters, equalization devices, preamplifiers and amplifiers. Both high quality solid-state and vacuum tube amplifiers are used. The quest for audio perfection can also include horn loudspeakers or electrostatic speakers, power conditioners, subwoofers and acoustic room treatment.

Audiophile values may be applied at all stages of music reproduction: the initial audio recording, the production process, and the playback, which is usually in a home setting. High-end audio refers to expensive, high-quality, or esoteric products and practices used in the reproduction of music. Electronic gear used by audiophiles can be bought at specialist shops and websites.[4] Audiophiles can purchase special recordings made with extra attention to sound quality, some being special audiophile-oriented reissues, as well as recordings in high-resolution formats such as Super Audio CD or DVD-Audio. Many modern audiophiles also take advantage of lossless file formats such as WAV, FLAC, WMA Lossless, and Apple Lossless.

Yeah, I'm an audiophile...
Hi Orpheus10

Check out this long running thread. If you answer yes to any of the stuff mentioned in the various posts you are an audiophile. ;)

You're an audiophile if thread.

I know I'm an audiophile I just don't have the extensive knowledge and experience as the members here. I'm also lacking the big $$$$ systems a lot of members have here as well but I'll get there eventually.
I have never been an audiophile, though I don't find the label perjorative. And I have been involved with the hobby for over 40 years.

I like to think of myself as a music lover, someone who appreciates good music in the home, and occasionally a gear whore. But audiophile, no not really.
Not me I just love music and have invested too much in enjoying it. I am a music lover with a stereo. Audiophilia to me implies more than I wish to aspire to.
I think , I think I'm not
therefor I'm not....

there you go man
keep as cool as you can
it riles them to believe that you percieve
the web they weave
and keep on thinking free...
Theo, you may not be an "audiophile", but you can qualify for a poet!
Yes. In addition to good music I am also interested in good sound. I like equipment too especially pieces with moving parts that I can see - decks, turntables.
So where the hell can I find NOS Amperex tubes for my future LAMM amp and NM test pressings of Miles's Bitches Brew and Pangaea?
Can audiophiles also be skeptics as well or are the two terms mutually exclusive? I'm an audioskeptic as I believe a lot of audio improvements are called tweeks in reference to the people that believe they hear a difference.
I must confess that I stole those lines from Mike Pinder of the Moody Blues.
Theo's a Vetran Cosmic Rocker! (No offence intended, if you've ever actually thought through the lyrics!)
I don't consider myself an audiophile, but all my friends do, my family, coworkers.
Yours do, too.
I don't like the term because of some of the connotations, but I am what I am.
And so are you. Get over it.
Hello, I'm an audioholic.
I am an "Audiophool" and an "audiophile" and an 'audioholic'.
I am not particulary OCD however.And generally answer to being called 'Slob', with an affirmative.
So aside from LACKING the usual OCD, and neat-freak qualities associated with 'audiophile' i am generally considered an audiophile by those who know me..
A veteran of the war on depreciating audio gear!
Not today.
Anyone who listens to recorded music is an audiophile. Some just spend more money on equipment and software than others. Some take it more seriously than others.
One of my coworkers in trying to understand my love of music and audio proclaimed to all "Cathy is an AUTO FILE"!
I was an Audiophile a long time ago. Then I discovered that I was mistaken, it was really a 'Stupidphile'. How did I make that discovery? Simple, I was spending more money on gear then on 'the music'. Yes, it was a long 12 step program that did it.
No im just acting like one.HELLO!!!!!
Spending more money on gear than music is not stupid unless it really gets out of control. Good vinyl is quite expensive though.
Orpheus10, while you are clearly a music lover, as your many posts about music prove, you also frequently post about such things as recording quality, soundstage, neutrality, tubes, and the merits of analog/ digital. Oh, and you own tube amps, and custom-made speakers which you claim are completely neutral. You sir, are an audiophile.

I am reminded of the comedian commenting on John Boehner's chosen pronunciation of his last name: "Don't try to change what it is, man; embrace it!" :-)
Frogman, you cought me.
If you participate on the Audiogon discussion forums, you most certainly ARE an audiophile.
Now Joe, when you say "partipate" do you mean post, or are you actually expecting us to read the threads first?
This website is NOT about music. It is about GEAR and reproduction of music THROUGH GEAR.

I sincerely believe that anyone who visits Audiogon on a regular basis is an audiophile. Make that a die-hard audiophile.

Funny how so many people refuse to accept this reality about them, and hide behind the ''music-lover-first'' mask.
Sonicbeauty, you are so funny. Your post is the very reason I stated that I am not an "audiophile".
"Spending more money on gear than music is not stupid unless it really gets out of control."

Spoken like a true audiophile!;) I don't want to say as harsh a word as stupid's definitely wrong!! Regardless of whether it's OOC or not!
I am also quite selective in what music I buy. Usually, it is 10-15 records a year and a few cds. But then I don't care much whether I pay $5 or $75 for a piece, condition is much more important.
10-15 records a year.. 10-15 components a year..
Good question, Marty.

Actually, after thinking about the answer, I'd like to amend my statement. If you visit (by that I mean, came here, and return more than once) this site (or AudioAsylum, AudioCircle, AudioKarma, AudioWhatever, etc.) , you most certainly ARE an audiophile.

Denial isn't just a river in Egypt...
One component every two/three years except cartridges and cables perhaps.
09-19-11: Sonicbeauty
Funny how so many people refuse to accept this reality about them, and hide behind the ''music-lover-first'' mask."

Damn straight, Sonic.
People - The first step to freedom is admitting you are what you are. You love music, so what. I love freakin' astronomy but it doesn't change the fact that I am, and all of you, are audiophiles.
Learn it!
Live it!
Love it!
OK, how about "Audiophile lite". Would you accept that for us music lovers who are tired of playing with equipment, and just want to listen to the beautiful sounds that our labors have made possible?
I prefer Audiophile in denial, but I'll compromise and accept Audiophile lite.
I can't speak for the other guys, though.

I consider myself an audiophile, but compared to some of the people here I'm not even semi-serious. The hardcore audiophile is out there listening to new equipment, going to audio shows, having "shoot-outs" with their audio buds, endlessly tweaking, matching power cords to individual components, etc. I might buy 3 or 4 components a year (spread out over all my systems), take the time to set them up -- occasionally refine the setup, but basically just listen to the music. I try not to make it as complicated as I see some people appear to make it.
You don't qualify if you fail to have a stack of jazz lite female vocalists, Barber, Cole, Krall, Monheit, etc. And a stack of ECMs and a few Phil Glass records in constant rotation. And of course, the operative word here is "rotation".
Nor do you qualify if you cannot hear the difference between 4ft and 5ft power cords of the same model. 5ft always sounds better, by the way.
If you're on 120v 5' sounds better. If you're on 50hz 4' sounds better because the lower frequency gives more current.
Thank you, I didn't know that.
Thank you Viridian, and Inna; that means I absolutely do not qualify to be considered an "audiophile". The artists you mentioned found their way into my collection based on "Stereophile" recommendations.

Inna, I can not hear the difference between 3 feet of good interconnect, and 3 feet of $1000. interconnect either; therefore I am certain I do not qualify to claim that most esteemed title "Audiophile".
participating as a poster or originator of thread does not necessarily equate to being an audiophile.

thereare many motivations for engaging in audio discussions. one can be philosophically-oriented and discuss audio subjects, without even owning a stereo system.

you don't have to own a car to discusss cars. you don't have to own a book to discuss books, etc. .
I do rather fancy myself as one. Within any given visit here, I can quickly find ramblings of those in a much worse and advanced state than I. It makes me feel better about myself. Sometimes when I tell people on the street that I'm an audiophile, they give me loose change! If a stranger begins to bother me, I divulge that I suffer from audiophilia. They quickly cover their mouth and retreat. Yes, being an audiophile does have it's perks:)
Mrtennis, ....ah, never mind.
"Audiophilia", that sounds like one bad disease; I hope I don't catch it.
Mrtennis has a valid point, I think. This kind of people are here too.
I have been an audiophile wannabe for last >25 years. I think I am not a wannabe anymore. I am truly enjoying my sound system. I had never thought I was the audiophile when I was not confident with my sound system or looking for upgrade gears in last >25 years of journey. I am truly happy with my sound system nowadays. There is no more itch for upgrade or changing components. I know what are shortcomings of my sound system. I'll change them when the time is right. I am in control. I am satisfied sonically and musically with my sound system.

I know the good sound when I hear it because I know what is the good sound like. many wannabes haven't heard the good sound. May be they've heard audiophile sounds. But they have not heard a good musical sound. If they did, they would become audiophiles. I know I was in a same boat. I went so many shows and audio stores to find that sound. There are some audiophile sounds. I couldn't find what I need. Always, I was fooled by audiophile sounds. Even I wondered around with my wife to be sure we don't miss it. We couldn't find that sound which will satisfy me sonically and musically.

Not anymore! My wife hears it and I hear it in my home. I have a right system now. I can hear what is wrong with other people's sound system because I clearly know good sounds. My ears are trained with a good sound. Every wannabes know audiophile sounds and looking for it, but what they want is actually musical sounds which is hard to find. They will never satisfied with only audiophile sounds. For me, I just want/need more listening time and good recordings to appreciate. I am not an audiophile wannabe anymore. I am the audiophile.
All of this is like watching a snake eat its tail. I started out as an audiophile who quickly learned to love the music but came to the realization that I had to be an audiophile to achieve that objective.

All the best,
"All of this is like watching a snake eat its tail. I started out as an audiophile who quickly learned to love the music but came to the realization that I had to be an audiophile to achieve that objective."


I started out as a music lover who through frustration of not hearing music sound like it oughta discovered the "gear" that made it sound like it shoulda, and through further exploration coulda and finally....that chapter can't be written because really, does quest and desire in the pursuit of an ideal have an end?

Yes one can fine contentment and real satisfaction those that protest that they are not audiophiles I only ask, do you at times lust for what you have not but would if you could?

I think I've officially joined the audiophile club, if I hadn't before, with the purchase of a tube amplifier. I didn't build it so I can be excluded due to nerdism.