Are you also thrilled with Mercury Preamp?

I have had the DeHavilland Mercury triode tube preamp for about 3 months and I am amazed with it's very realistic life like performance. The instruments have beautiful bloom, timbre and solid imaging? When I listen to opera and jazz I am at the performance! Our others equally impressed. Please see my review and system elseware in this forum.
I don't have, nor have I heard the Mercury, but I am simply thrilled to own a DeHavilland UltraVerve preamp. I've had the 6SN7 octal tube-based preamp for about a month now. To say that it has transformed my system is an understatement. It was the missing link that my system desperately needed. My system now is highly musical and involving, very natural sounding with a huge holographic soundstage, and has great imaging and detail.
1markr comments mirror my experience with the UltraVerve exactly. I'm glad your enjoying the Mercury. I look forward to hearing it.

I don't know about the Mercury but the Ios is the best dang amp I've ever heard. It works beautifully with my Trentes.
I just received the UltraVerve two days back and at present it is breaking in. I have listen to it on and off and I am very positive and excited about it. The sound is smooth and detailed and hope it will very much improve over the week or so.
Nak, the UV sounded good out of the box, but really opened up after a couple of weeks of playing. Consider trying a Brimar CV1988 tube. Its a very well balanced tube throughout the sonic spectrum. Other tubes that I like with the UV are the Tung-Sol black, round plate VT231, or for a lusher presentation, a dark glass RCA VT231.