Are you allowed to increase the selling price ?

This morning I noticed an item listed in the new today for $9500. This afternoon I notice the same item has increased to $10,000.. Does that seem funny to anyone else. I know that stores have to honor an advertised price . Do the same rules apply online?
Of course but this may decrease your chances of selling whatever it is you're trying to sell.
Unless the party agreed to a sale at the original price there is nothing wrong with changing your asking price- whether it is raised or lowered.
stores are NOT generally required to "honor an advertised price," if that price is stated in error. i should think that the same general principle would apply here. BTW, were you really intent on buying this piece for $9500?

why couldnt you increase a sales price? stores can also charge more than the MSRP if they wish to do so.
in a free-market system selling price is simply where demand and supply curves cross.

Cornfed> I wasn't relally interested in buying it but thought it quite odd. I had not seen this practice on Agon before. I know I have been in stores before where an item was marked at one price and they rang it up at a higher price. When I pointed out the sticker price they said they had to honor it. Maybe it is not law but good business practice. I don't know. I'll leave that up to your expertise. Another item I saw today is in the auction and in the classifieds at the same time with the starting price the same as asking price. In the past I've seen items listed here and on Ebay at the same time. This kind of practice makes me apprehensive towards that seller. I was just wondering how others felt about such practices.
as I understand the Audiogon rules, an auction cannot run simultaneous with a for-sale ad for the same item. Nevertheless I've seen this being done (perhaps inadvertently - I hope?) on several occasions.
Of course the seller can price a sale item however he desires to & can change it as well, but an auction cannot be changed once it goes up. I've done this myself but have always *lowered* the price when the ad didn't generate the desired interest; no one has ever complained about that! But if I had an ad posted & found that I was underpriced, of course I would update the asking price.
What actually happens a lot are ads for sale on Agon and the same item for auction on eBay. Like the new in box pair of B&W Nautilus 803 speakers from North Carolina going on now. The high bid is now more than the asking price on the Agon ad.

When a sale is over at a retailer the price goes back up, so I see no reason why anyone should be prevented from raising the price on a regular classified ad.

just a thought, perhaps it would be good to introduce a "buy it now" price in the auctions, as an option for sellers who want to use it. That sort of takes the place of placing simultaneous auctions and classifieds.
I agree; that is a good idea, Karls.

I dunno about you guys, but I always skip over the auctions here and go to the classifieds. In fact, I'd love to see the auctions go away altogether here, just takes up space. I'd prefer to not follow a purchase for five days, I have a life. if there's something out there I like and we can come to an agreement on price I'd prefer to avoid the auction game altogether. I buy/sell on Ebay when it doesn't make sense to list the item on sites like AudioGon. Jeff
Like Jeffloistarca, I too generally skip right over the auctions. I think I bought one $16 item at auction, and nothing else. A 'buy now' option would make them a bit more compelling.