Are you a special snowflake?

We all know you're special. But special enough to be the Thought Police? What aspects of audio performance do you grant us the right to discuss? Why is it okay for you to insult, to call us shills, to call the things we value snake oil, ridicule and demean and broadcast your particular and peculiar points of view, but we don't have the right to argue the opposing view? 

Are you really a special snowflake? Or are you just another audiophile with a different point of view? No better, nor worse, than any other.

What is it you feel gives you the right to tell others Shut Up!?

I dont know what to think about all this bubbles and heat....Friendship is more important than Information here or everywhere....Even in audio…. And Sorry for those who takes audio so seriously, but when you know how to distinguish your ass and head, you dont feel the need to harass, be it the OP or the posters in a thread that is only that, politics apart; but who gives a dam about politics if no one can opposes others in a hard but relatively friendship way....It seems so here for the time being.... :)

Audio is simple, some technical informations any technician can give, impressions and advices from many users, and general fundamental basis: never mind your components, learn how to controls the 4 embeddings of any system... The day all that is said, we can enjoy each other disagreeing in a friendly way.... That is my salt and pepper...

Those who cannot be friend with their opponent can go to hell... Humor and sarcasm are welcome in a polite way...

Apologizing is the more subtle form of disagreement....

I was a Chinese in an another life and I enjoy the Tao....

« Those who say it dont know it, and those who knows dont say it» Lao Tse
What is it you feel gives you the right to tell others Shut Up!?
The moderators here don’t tell anyone to "shut up." They delete posts and threads that are off-topic, attack other members, profane or racist. And that’s about it. For, sure, the OP has had his share of content deleted, but the same rules that apply to him apply to everyone here. So, in a way, it is the OP who is the "special snowflake," angry that he can’t fully express his "feelings" about many things on this site, which is supposed to be about audio and music.

What gives the moderators the right to delete content here? This is a privately-owned site, so administrators set the rules. Those who object can start their own site, or they can continue to play the victim of those they characterize as "special snowflakes."

One thing this thread proves: There are some people here with real anger, disappointment, and resentment issues. I feel sorry for them.