Are you a special snowflake?

We all know you're special. But special enough to be the Thought Police? What aspects of audio performance do you grant us the right to discuss? Why is it okay for you to insult, to call us shills, to call the things we value snake oil, ridicule and demean and broadcast your particular and peculiar points of view, but we don't have the right to argue the opposing view? 

Are you really a special snowflake? Or are you just another audiophile with a different point of view? No better, nor worse, than any other.

What is it you feel gives you the right to tell others Shut Up!?

Does anybody here remember the episode of Happy Days where Fonz “ jumped the shark” .

This just might be Chuckles very own “ jumping the shark” episode.
@jafreeman I appreciate your post, neglected as it was. I keep having this fantasy that COVID19 will wake people to the reality of science, facts, and the utility of institutions that act based on those understandings. But it apparently hasn’t yet done so. 
In similar fashion, I doubt that audio discussions should fare any better in developing a rigorous epistemology—and not merely because music reproduction has an aesthetic component to it (de gustibus non disputandum est). 

Our entire system of education has largely failed to train people how to think—and that spills out everywhere. Fora such as this one are not spared from this. Especially when debate is encouraged, such as here, winning will become more important than clearly stating a position and providing support for said position. 
In the meantime, I spent some enjoyable hours listening to internet radio-and am continually surprised at how musical 320kbs can be rendered. 
...I think I'm going to watch all the Davids' slingshot Goliath....*s*

Popcorn, anyone? ;)
As I see it, 75%+ posts written here are garbage. Is it constructive information required in this forum, or do the most common authors think that more posts attributed to you, apparently gives you some unfounded credibility, more so than lesser but more credible posters?
”Empty vessels make most noise”?