Are wood crates like Crosley safe for LP's?

I only ask this because of their height. While they are plenty wide enough, they don't cover the last 2+ inches of the LP.  It just doesn't seem ideal, when you're putting the weight of 75 LP's in there. I've also seen cheaper versions at Home Depot and Walmart. But again, they are only 9-10" high. The Crosley is solid wood, and seems like good quality. I would stain it, to make it look nicer.  
The Crosley sides are shorter than the LPs themselves to make it easier to browse through the records. I had my records in a couple of crates in the '70s. I was with a buddy in L.A.'s Chinatown and a store or company had tossed a pair of crates onto the sidewalk. I picked them up and took them home. They were a perfect fit for my LPs. I turned the crates sideways and stacked them like shelves. They were plenty sturdy for the job and they probably weren't nearly as nice as the Crosleys, which have thicker wood and are screwed together.

Thanks Johnnyb53. I'm not sure the fact the sides are shorter than LP are good for the LP's, because the ones in the rear would not be fully supported on top. I can see the convenience for sure. (-:

I'm not sure the fact the sides are shorter than LP are good for the LP's, because the ones in the rear would not be fully supported on top.

Could you describe what position of the crates you're talking about? I stacked my crates on their side, not their ends. The records would stick out about 2", but they're fully supported. Remember, while the record jackets are square, the records themselves are round, so only a small portion of a record is making contact with its supporting surface--the apex of the curve in the very center of the arc.

And of course you wouldn't want to stack a crate on top of the exposed records of a crate in the upright position.
If they are stacked on their side like you have, I can't see that as being bad for the LP's. But I want to use in a position with the LP front facing me, just like a record shop would display them. In this position, I am thinking it may not be ideal.
I don't understand this.  Regardless of the height, once you put the first record in, the others are supported by the records behind them, not the crate.  So if the height matters, just put a thin piece of plywood or cardboard the size of a record in the back of the crate and the ones in front will be as well supported as if the crate were taller.  I must be getting this wrong.  
No, your right on Chayro. But I think the ones with a higher (12") back are better for LP's. The piece of plywood would work, but again, I'd rather have the higher back. I pulled a few up last night that had the higher back, yet lower in the front making it easier to finger through. 

Low in front,high in back

indeed- I think that's the best of both worlds. And even the sides 2 or 3" lower, making it easier to finger through.
Why would this even matter? But think of it, more of the actual LP is supported by the shorter sides, with the longer sides just the very top of the LP is supported.