are we also coffee connoisseurs? Or wine enthusiasts?

I was thinking when I made my espresso this morning.

But maybe enjoying music (and passionately committing to the rituals and the environment conducive to enjoying music) has more to do with wine? Scotch? Cognac?

or do you ears work best when....?


I am particular about coffee--enough to grind the beans of carefully chosen brands.

I am definitely a wine connoisseur, preferring California wines and being highly selective about them.

But I don't rely on either of these for listening to music, particularly.  On the other hand, cannabis can certainly elevate musical enjoyment, so I sometimes partake of that for a listening session.

French roast.  Grew up around a percolator that was Always at hand. 

Wine?  Prefer reds....  Beer, IPA's mostly.

Hemp at whatever level of astonishment...spouse can't even tell when I've 'been there', except my sense of humour tends obscure...which is normal for me, anyway.

Have sampled nearly everything else you can think of.

Been 'under the radar' most of my life.

We all have our 'pref's'... ;)

So many beer comments...

I think I got the microbrew wave when I bought my first 6 pack of Ballast Point's yellowtail (at a 7-11 a mile from the original factory) that reminded me of my once favorite beer: Pilsner Urquell. 

They were an "alley" brewery, and micro in every sense back then, and they definitely reformed the business but it's hard to be excited about microbrew anymore


I have never had a cup of java so that is out.  I like wine and I have very good and expensive wine.  However, it makes me sleepy so I don't listen to music while drinking wine.  I am a collector of very fine whiskey, not scotch and I do enjoy a small glass of Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey or Jefferson Ocean Cask Aged at Sea Bourbon while listening to Foy Vance, Fink, and a wide assortment of Jazz and instrumentalists.