Are We All Going Mad?

That is if you purchase Acoustic Revive RIO-5II Tourmaline Negative Ion Generator. Anybody try it? Mega Bucks. What I cannot figure out is that why my wife's Revlon Tourmaline Ionic hair dry is but doing the same thing, but at $30. Seems in tweak land, silly prevails, especially at high prices.
Well I have to say we the audiophile should bear some faults because, somehow,
the audiophile community has developed a belief that "if it isn't expensive,
it can't be good" and "since it is expensive, it must be good".

Venders and manufactures love to see that belief to take root. Some will exploit
that belief and take full advantage of it. If there are people willing to pay
astronomical amount, they will be more than happy to charge astronomical
I think there are some things in tweek land that are heresay and others which work well. Some can be explained by science and some cannot.
I think the best rule of thumb is try before you buy, or 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
If you want to test a tweek, take it out of your system after using for a long period of time and see if you cannot live without it.
First, I know absolutely nothing about the unit in question. However, many other Acoustic Revive products have been found to be effective so I wouldn't dismiss this one out of hand. Seems that most of the Acoustic Revive products are at least worth a listen.
I guess I'm one of those that waits to have an opinion until I experience the product personally.
Seems in tweak land, silly prevails, especially at high prices.

Like health and beauty products you can find every kind of imaginable snake oil and superstition to help cure the worst fears of paranoid audiophiles...
Without actually experiencing what this unit does or doesn't do, this discussion is purely speculation.
Shadorne, yer really ticking me off now. You Doubting Thomas type's are all alike. I was bald as a cue ball until I tried the Popeil Chia Pet System for hair growth. I rubbed a little elixir on my head and now I look like Sasquatch! Then I did what Victoria Principal told me to do and rubbed some Wrinkle Be Gone cream on my face and it took 60 years off my age. THAT was tough (given I'm in my 50s) so let me tell you Benjamin Button's got nothin on me. So now, I am writing this from the womb.

How DARE you insult health and beauty products - espcially those legitimate ones sold on Info-mercials.


Perhaps... but if her hair dryer said "Acoustic Revive RIO-5II Tourmaline Negative Ion Generator" on it I doubt seriously she could have bought it for just $30! Unless it was last years model. Current stuff is always oh, so much better.... well, at least it's more expensive. Maybe that's what makes it better.
Last time I checked, the Revlon was going for $30 at As an aside, I spent a few year at Revlon in marketing. What Revlon sold for 'hope'. Seems that is also what is going on in hi-end audio. As in the beauty business, without hope of better sound, we would never buy another item. Enjoy the music.
it's always a better path to sell the 'sizzle' than the steak. The imagined vs the reality.
Rocks, clocks, and other crocks.