Are WE 300B Tubes Worth $600-$700 a set

Everyone knows that Western Electric is perhaps the most expensive 300B tubes but are they really worth it or are they a rip at that price ? Other brands go for 1/2 to 2/3 less money so why are WE's worth so much more ( even with the "free" cherry box)? What are your comments and favorite alternative brands ?
300B Tubes Compared (Nov. 1999 Stereophile) Conclusions; " In view of the results....the JJ Electronics 300B looks like a real bargain." ($199 pair). The first two WE 300Bs were disappointing (burned in at the factory for 200 hours) $700 - 900pair. WE sent another pair of NEW tubes (no burn in) which were better. "But if you want the best there is only the WE" Take that with a grain of salt
the we tube is pretty good if you have a single ended amp and don't expect much bass or a real open top end. I use the vac ren 30-30 and have had we and golden dragon and the winner is the kr 300b,not cheap but real good from top to bottom
Where do you source the KR 300B? I have a VAC Ren 70/70 and would need 2 matched quads. How much ???