Are WE 300B Tubes Worth $600-$700 a set

Everyone knows that Western Electric is perhaps the most expensive 300B tubes but are they really worth it or are they a rip at that price ? Other brands go for 1/2 to 2/3 less money so why are WE's worth so much more ( even with the "free" cherry box)? What are your comments and favorite alternative brands ?
Yes, but box only comes with matched pairs. Everything financial is relative, but it really depends on your ears and your system. Tell us what system you want to drop them into and your listening biases & people will be able to give you better responses.
Consider that WE 300B's are rated for 40,000 (fourty thousand)hours! My ARC VT-100 requires retubing every 4000 or so (@ $750 installed with factory 6550's). Now what was your question?
Check back issues of either The Absolute Sound or Stereophile during the past 12 months. They did a comparison of WE 300b with other mfg. WE did not do very well - over priced and lacked sonic qualities. You do not always get what you pay for.
Actually, the Stereophile review rated the WE in a class of its own; far above any other tube. I think the issue is summer of 1999.
300B Tubes Compared (Nov. 1999 Stereophile) Conclusions; " In view of the results....the JJ Electronics 300B looks like a real bargain." ($199 pair). The first two WE 300Bs were disappointing (burned in at the factory for 200 hours) $700 - 900pair. WE sent another pair of NEW tubes (no burn in) which were better. "But if you want the best there is only the WE" Take that with a grain of salt
the we tube is pretty good if you have a single ended amp and don't expect much bass or a real open top end. I use the vac ren 30-30 and have had we and golden dragon and the winner is the kr 300b,not cheap but real good from top to bottom
Where do you source the KR 300B? I have a VAC Ren 70/70 and would need 2 matched quads. How much ???