Are WA-Quantum Chips even sold anymore?

I certainly found applications where they really worked.
Cable Co. among others sells the WA chips. The rumpus sure has died down, though, you're right. My theory is it's pretty easy to saturate the market since there are only so many audiophiles. ;-)
I think sometimes they helped a lot. In particular I liked them on fuses. On speakers I found them to vary greatly, including harming the sound on some.
I have a bunch. Semiconductor chips, cable chips, inductor/coil chips, small and large capacitor chips. Fuse chip. What have you.
Geoffkait, I finally checked and have only two types-those for speakers and for cablees. I thought that I would experiment with the cables ones this weekend. I know the speaker ones harm the sound of the BMC Arcadias. I need to get some for the fuses.

Speaking of tweaks, I had a friend with a door behind her speakers. I gave her on Acoustic Revive QR-8 to put in the middle of the door. It did wonders and she wanted more. Acoustic Revive doesn't even have them in their product line anymore? I guess tweaks come and go. I must say that the HFC cables have caused me to remove many of my tweaks.
Tbg, to tell the truth I did have too much luck with Cable Chips on cables per se but had excellent results on the circuit breaker itself and wire coming into the circuit breaker. Cables trump tweaks, eh? Inerrestin'...

Word for the day: annealed mumetal. It'll be our little secret.

Acoustic Revive still has them listed on their web site:

I've always purchased them from Japanese sellers online and with their North American distributor gone, there aren't too many other options at this point.
Joe_appierto, curiously I could not find this page. Thanks.

I foud a card of them for her on Ebay.
Great experience on fuses and circuit breakers, then comes those for caps, little effect on speakers. Some, e.g. for mobile phone, didnt do anything.