Are vintage DHTs an ephemeral object of desire?

I have only a few posts so far. I hope the right people read this.

i recently acquired a 45 se amp that will also convert to 2A3s. I bought a few pairs of both on*b*y. They all claimed to be strong matching tubes, some with claimed NOS values. Most without original boxes.
i wasn’t looking for the cheapest tubes, just good ones. The three pairs of 2A3s were just distortion in a bottle. I tried true nos Sovteks and they were great. Out of three pairs and a triple set of 45s I found one set of two 45s that played beautifully. Different brands, different dates. It doesn’t seem to matter as long as the tubes will play undistorted music, where they came from.

is it possible that vintage DHTs are being offered at the very minimal limits? I find all these sellers apart from two use a tv-7 tester. When I see that now I just move on.

i think the stock of vintage DHTs is no longer a viable commodity unless they have never been out of the original box. Even then, I have my doubts. Good vintage tubes are so rare that they are almost unobtainable. When will these people who claim to be a ‘tube dealer’ on @b#y start accepting that people want to return misrepresented tubes without a childish argument?

if the buyer opens a return case, the seller can just close it for no reason and the faulty goods cannot be returned or even refunded by fleabay. Why does this company allow sellers to remove negative feedback? What’s the point of trusting anybody here? They’ve decided to hype their trash so some fool will trust them and buy it.

who would think of spending $1200 for a pair of mystery tubes from someone who refuses to back up their company brand with a refund for goods not as described ? Look at fleabay. I hope there is a shake up in this over heated market that gets rid of the hobbyists with suitcase testers making wild claims.

as such, it’s obvious that Vintage DHTs have become “that obscure object of desire”
as Luis Buñuel labeled one of his best movies about contemporary culture.