Are tv's made in 4:3 aspect ratio any more?

Are tv's made in 4:3 aspect ratio any more?
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Yes, if they are 1) CRT's or 2) Small sets like less than 13" for example. Getting harder to find. Whats worse its getting harder to find Computer Monitors with 4:3 ratio. Widescreen good for movies, not so much so for PC's IMO.
I agree about widescreen makes no sense, 4: was perfect. I have a widescreen monitor and it distorts photos to a too-wide view. I hate that about the monitor....everything else is okay.
You may be able to adjust your monitor so it doesn't stretch your photos.
Ahhh yeah, stretch, just grab the corner of the 'window' with the mouse and move it until it looks 4:3. You could even measure it and leave a small tab on the panel edge to do it fast.
But one thing you can't change with a LCD monitor - you must run it at its native resolution or it looks bad....