Are turntable interconnects different??

I'm getting a VPI Scout turntable and I'm wondering if the interconnects are different than regular ones. I've got some Transparent interconnects but someone mentioned that the filtering network should be avoided. Are there good recommendations out there. Don't be afraid to suggest budget or DIY options!!
No (use whatever sounds best to you) grounding makes a difference with the scout depending on phono preamp and cartiridge choice.
Transparent does make phono interconnects, and they used to drop the networks on those models. (Several years ago in the XL series...I don't know if they still do in the mm series) My Purist Audio Designs Venustas Phono is visibly smaller in diameter than the same model interconnect I also own. I can only guess less ferrox shielding.

That said, some will work great.
I personally believe that the signals from the turntable are so minute that I want my interconnect from TT to phono stage to be shielded and short. The phono stage will amplify the noise as well as the signal. The interconnect from the phono stage to the pre-amp is les critical and I treat as any interconnect.