Are they ever going to remaster the Beatles?

No wonder analog advocates despise digital...the current Beatles redbook CDs are dismal...did MFSL ever reissue these on CD?
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Check out this site, very interesting...
Remember Michael Jackson owns the beatle songs, More than likely nobody wants to have to talk to him.
Well they were recently remastered on the One compilation.
There is some Japanese remastering available on the German market. Sound's WONDERFUL! Price ridiculous, though: $37!!
And there are some albums missing, f.e. Sgt. Pepper.
I'd like to see them do the whole collection remastered in SACD sort of like what they did with the stones collection just recently.
The rumor is that the Beatles will be remastered for SACD. Mobile Fidelity NEVER issued the Beatles on CD,in any country! They're all fakes.
Can you confirm the SACD rumour?What source?
Has any one heard the rumor that the Rumors album was coming out in SACD too? :^)
If the Stones remasters have any success in the market then you can bet the Beatles will soon follow. It all comes down to money. (as much as i cant stand Micheal Jackson)
Maybe you should contact Acoustic Sounds...seems like they are stuck on the same 20, or so, Jazz titles and about the same number of Blues titles..that they just keep doing over and over again...Lp, CD, SACD, 180g 45rpm...etc.

They likely could not get the rights to do the Fab Four...but any new titles from them would be welcomed.
I think Michael Jackson owes Sony soooo much money from what they've fronted him for his dismal selling records that they are suing him for payback. Last I heard he's having to sell Neverland and Sony is salivating over his rights to the Beatles. I'm sure it won't be long as Jackson spends $ like water and is pretty much a wash-up. If Sony gets their hands on the rights you can bet they'll be on SACD (exclusively)!!!
Treyhoss, hope you're right with the Sony thoughts...but most of Sony's CD's and SACD's sound's in the mastering.
They need to hire Doug Sax or Steve Hoffman or someone to do the job right...or we will have the traditional wierd Sony non-audiophile versions.
I heard a year or so ago that Paul had quietly bought back the rights to most of the Beatles songs from "the chiller" (as in the sensation which travels up my spine when I see this guy). Anyone out there who can confirm/deny this?