Are these streams being replaced... node 2i, and PS

Hi everyone,
I'm looking to replace my Logitech touch squeezebox and I. Looking at the 
node 2i Which I see on Amazon is priced at $486. Is Bluesound preparing to 
replace this with a newer model? Also, is PS audio planing on discontinuing 
the DS Dac? Thanks! 
Who knows, on the Bluesound website the Node 2i is marked “Unavailable”.
Either supply problems or plans for a new replacement. Guess I’ll have to buy the White Album again...
All models of the Node are upgradable to current firmware.
Even if they come out with a new model, they work the same.
Only the 2i model support 5ghz wireless network.

new models are a way of life in our consumption-focused society, reinforced by look-at-me ethos of social media

so there will certainly be a new node, just as the 2i came after the 2...

they will probably sharpen up the dull dac section hardware... streamer portion is updateable as you mention