Are these streams being replaced... node 2i, and PS

Hi everyone,
I'm looking to replace my Logitech touch squeezebox and I. Looking at the 
node 2i Which I see on Amazon is priced at $486. Is Bluesound preparing to 
replace this with a newer model? Also, is PS audio planing on discontinuing 
the DS Dac? Thanks! 
Who knows, on the Bluesound website the Node 2i is marked “Unavailable”.
Either supply problems or plans for a new replacement. Guess I’ll have to buy the White Album again...
All models of the Node are upgradable to current firmware.
Even if they come out with a new model, they work the same.
Only the 2i model support 5ghz wireless network.

new models are a way of life in our consumption-focused society, reinforced by look-at-me ethos of social media

so there will certainly be a new node, just as the 2i came after the 2...

they will probably sharpen up the dull dac section hardware... streamer portion is updateable as you mention
PS Audio is updating the DS DAC with a Mk II version, supposed to arrive sometime later this year.  It will not have provisions for the on-board Bridge though.  PS Audio will be bringing out a replacement for the Bridge as a separate box using their proprietary Octave software.  Availability will probably be after the DAC, maybe even next year.
I saw a social media post from Bluesound saying there was big news coming May 10th my guess was that they were coming out with a full component sized streamer above the Node 2i but who knows could be a replacement too!
I'd wait a few days to find out though could be some good deals on Node 2i to be had if they replace it.
Anyone make a streamer these days with form and function like Squeezebox Touch?  
I wouldn't jump to too many conclusions from the price drop on Amazon - the price was even lower in the Fall. And various online audio dealers show it in stock at the regular price.
DirectStream has new firmware coming any day.
Just load piCore player on a Magna Mano or a RasPi. It runs LMS with all the plug-ins.
It streams almost anything from Roon to Pandora.
I'm feeding a Bluesound Node 2i into a PS Audio DirectStream DAC Sr. with Windom installed. I'm happy...that's all.
I started with a Bluesound Node 2i and later added a Benchmark DAC 2 HGC and the sound quality improved significantly with an external DAC. I recently sold the Node and replaced it with an Aurender N100H streaming server. The sound quality has again improved, albeit not as much as adding a DAC initially did, but it is noticable.

The Aurender Conductor app is also a much more polished interface compared to the bluOS app. I stream from Qobuz and Tidal and also have some local files stored on the Aurenders internal drive and it all works together seamlessly. The Tidal and Qobuz integration in the Conductor app is more complete than it is in blueOS in regards to auxiliary features. I find it easier to browse new music, playlists, suggestions, etc.