Are these Speakers the BEST on Planet Earth ?...

Are the new Kii Audio Three BXT Pro Speakers the best money can buy ?
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I agree, the B&W crazy expensive Nautilus speakers look like there from Aliens movie, but awesome except I don’t know if they use diamond tweeters now, or the old aluminum ones still. Haven’t seen them in a long time! Saw them in the 80’s. Stupid heavy too! Would need a BIG room for those suckers!! A REALLY big room!! Part snail cone, part Aliens movie.
I heard the original, snail construction Nautilus driven by multiple Krell stacks and a custom outboard crossover at the B&W distributor in Mass.

I can’t tell you all how bored and disappointed I was with the sound that came out of them.

Honestly, the Matrix B&W before and Nautilus derived speakers after sounds much more fun and more interesting and transparent to me than the flagship Nautilus, which I have to admit to me was gorgeous as sculpture.
The idea of a best speaker doesn’t make sense on the face of it (absent theoretically perfect room correction). The simple truth is that a speaker which delivers (theoretically) “perfect” performance in a 3,000 cu foot room will sound very different (imperfect) in a 15,000 cu ft room.