Are these Speakers the BEST on Planet Earth ?...

Are the new Kii Audio Three BXT Pro Speakers the best money can buy ?
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Hm. Sounds like you have a baritone guitar. That has low E at 82Hz.

FWIW the SVT amplifier was designed around hifi ideals (by Roger Cox who retired from his position as VP at Fender a few years ago), at least that's how he put it to me.
And here I thought I was doing at least one thing, in my life, that was, "normal".      ie:                 Whatever Mr Cox’s goal; he hit it out of the park, with the SVT.
I think everyone here needs to peel off a couple tabs of mr natural take a nice long evening walk and then come back and explain facts vs reality, science vs science fiction, etc. dsp after sound leaves the box is available to everyone and if you have roon digital eq can be applied b4 the amplifier. The advantages dsp speakers from d&d, kii, meridian and all the professional models offer me is consistent sound room to room. Active xovers, time and phase control and tuning (voicing) done without affecting sensitivity. The dsp manufactures also have they’re own ideas of what’s best so their products will be different, but unlike passive speakers if you like a dsp speaker and bring it home it will probably sound like it did in the demo, something I never experienced with passive speakers.

@atmasphere is correct on both his points. The lowest note on a standard 4-string bass (electric or upright acoustic)---the E string played "open"---produces a 41Hz tone. I recently had to correct Myles Astor in a recent review of his; he used that same 82Hz figure. Worse yet, he spoke of 82Hz as being "very low bass." 82Hz?! I mini-monitor with a 5" "woofer" will reproduce that frequency. 

And the Ampeg SVT is the best sounding bass rig I've heard. I've worked with three or four bassists who had one, and it's a monster. 8 output tubes, 8 woofers! A real pain to haul around, though. Still, not as bad as an upright piano or Hammond B3 organ!