Are these guys crazy?

Crazy or what. Recently discovered a new bricks and mortar store opened in the East Village in New York City. Its call 'TurntableStore'. Check it out. Who said that brick and mortar is dead.
I think that place sells DJ equipment.
They sell the Pro-Ject line of TT's, so that puts them beyond just DJ stuff. If your in the City, a visit could be enlighthing. Oh, the name of the store is "Turntable Lab", web site the same.
NYC Turntable Lab has been around for a long time.

The LA store on Fairfax did shutter a few years ago though.
I have been shopped at Turntable Lab online 10 years ago, they are not new in business. I should have placed my orders over the phone to make it possible to ship to my area (Russia). I've bough some nice Funk & Soul records from them, great service. They're also re-sellers of GRADO (even upper models), so not a typical dj store.