Are these cartridges worth anything???? HELP

Doing serious audio housecleaning......found these 2 cartridges in their original boxes. have NO idea if they're worth anything. 1 Denon DL 303 and 1 DynavectorDV Karat.Thanks in advance, Mark
p.s. I remember they called it the "Dynavector Ruby" cause it has a ruby cantaliver. It did sound quite amazing as I recall.
If they are not broken or failing in their suspension, there is certainly an analog fan out there who would love to have one or both of these.

Condition is everything in this case. If defective, the cost to recondition to new may make them a less than worthy investment. More information is needed to venture a guess as to current value.
Both of them are,were, very good cartridges. Albertporter has it right though, depends on stylus and cantilever if the are really worth anything. I have a boxful that have problems with both, and really worth nothing but I can't stand to toss them
There was A DV Karat Ruby and a Karat Diamond. Look at the cantilever with a magnefying glass. If it's red it's a ruby but if it's clear it would be the much more valuable Karat Diamond. These date back to the late seventies or early eighties. Don
Thanks guys. They both worked perfectly when i stashed them . The Ruby has very low hours. The other I bought used. Visually ,they still look fine. Any cost estimates?
It's a ruby. Says so right on the box. I bought it around 1983. Whats it worth guys!(assuming it functions ok, etc.)??? I want to sell and give someone a good , fair deal.
There is a Dynavector for sale here at Audiogon for $275.00. I don't know how that model stacks up against yours, but it is a starting point.

As old as yours is you may have to play it to be certain you have a good working piece. Only other option is sell to a person who you can trust and give them a week (or other time period) to try the cartridge out to be sure performance is good. Selling used cartridges is difficult at best, I am struggling for ideas that would be fair to all concerned.
Sure. I would never have a problem selling anything w/ a satisfaction guarantee, esp. an unknown commodity like these.i just wish i knew what was fair.
Not knowing what they are worth, I'd suggest putting them up for auction. Let the market decide. I'm not a fan of auctions myself (due to a relatively short attention span) but in this case it's probably the best way to determine market value. Jeff
Good point Jeff. So long as Mark makes everything clear up front, the bidders should know what they are getting into and bidding on. Sean