Are there replacement woofers for Infinity RS1b's

I have a pair of Infinity RS1b's. I now have blown my second woofer. It's the voice coil and this one is not locked up like the one before.. So it might be repairable. Mine are the ones with the black center cap and concave rubber surrounds. Finding these is tough. I'm just wondering if age is taking it's toll and there was a woofer out there that I could replace all 12 of them with and then have a woofer that has replacements or parts available. I keep looking for somebody that has a pair of these with beat up cabinets for sale to buy for extra woofers, but I think there's many others looking as well. I love these speakers and don't want to part with them. They also have the modified high & mid towers that Michael Marks sells and they sound awsome. If he only made a modified bass tower!
I sent you an email with a few websites to check out.
Contact Bill LeGall at Miller Sound.He is expert at modifying,and repairing the "Classic" Infinity stuff.He also has spare drivers,from what I have read.

I used to own the RS-IB's,and have a dear friend who had his crossover,and cabinet modded by some local friends.He has only enough spare parts for himself,but the speaker still amazes me.It's an amazing design,that still embarasses many big dollar products.

You definitely want to check out this LeGall guy!

Best of luck
contact Front Row Center Audio in Ft Lauderdale. Elliott might be able to help