are there preamps using a 211 tube

i am looking for a preamp having a "classic" tube sound.

i have heard many set amps and have been very pleased when the amplifier has a 211 tube.

perhaps there is a preamp which uses either a 300b or 211 tube. if such a preamp exists does anyone know of one ?
I am very sure that Eva Manley still makes a preamp w/ the 300b tubes.
Manley makes a 300b preamp.
I'm not a tube expert, but I thought that the 2A3 is a power triode, so it not used for a line amplification [voltage] tube, which is what a preamp does...of course I may be wrong about this....
A tube that can be used in a power amp output stage can easily be used in a preamp as a voltage amplifier, it will be loafing. There are a few problems though. Power tubes tend to be more expensive than traditional preamp tubes, and using DHT tubes in a preamp means that you have to deal with the noise that the filaments of these tubes tend to introduce in traditional configurations. A little noise introduced in the output stage might not be a problem but likely will be in a preamp.

I suggest contacting Experience Music as he can build you whatever you want and is well experienced in dealing with the noise issues.
Yeah, I should also have my eyes checked! I could have sworn your post read "2A3" tubes...apologies for my irrelevant comments!
I was researching 300B preamps and found this old thread. A preamp to add to this list would be the Bottlehead BeePre 300B Preamplifier that comes in kit form.

Looks pretty cool and I'm guessing sounds awesome.