Are there passive attenuators that don't zero volume and only offer one input ?

I am not sure how many people would like those features, but its worth asking in case someone would try to sell such a thing.

Which is to say it is essential I should think  to be able to zero volume, and have more than one input, do you agree ? 
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@dbxrecord who cares. This has been a pretty useless thread. You are obviously trying to take a poke at another manufacturer's product with the hope you will get gobs of people to agree with your point of view while pimping your products feature set. Obviously it's not happening so give it a rest. People can make whatever decision they need to regarding the features they desire in an LDR preamp, or any preamp for that matter. I've made mine and I'm not looking back.
Not at all, if you check back through each post I have not mentioned other manufacturers product name, or personal names,  and I have also avoided,  as best I can,  stating my own. This page being the exception.

Think of other manufacturers of passives, rather than the one you refer to, and it all begins to make sense.  

Let's hope things improve, so all passive manufacturers move forward  & cater for features that make passives, the only choice. 
To refute the libel being saturated by one forum member in this thread,

Forgive me, haven't been following this thread so maybe this is explained elsewhere. But how exactly do you saturate libel? 
That is easy, just carefully read each post, and refer to your dictionary for the meaning of the word.