Are there passive attenuators that don't zero volume and only offer one input ?

I am not sure how many people would like those features, but its worth asking in case someone would try to sell such a thing.

Which is to say it is essential I should think  to be able to zero volume, and have more than one input, do you agree ? 
This sounds like something I could use but it would need to have XLR ins/outs. My preamp has two "pre out" pairs: one RCA, one XLR. The XLR are 2-volts hotter than RCA so would be louder if trying to bi-amp. 
Sure, Khozmo and Hattor. I just recently received a Khozmo dual mono passive attenuator with separate left/right channel volume adjustment, one input, two outputs (one for subs), all balanced XLR ins-outs, display, and remote control of all functions. I use it for remote volume adjustment in conjunction with a unity gain buffer. Discrete resistors with Takman REY metal film shunt resistors and a Vishay "nude" Z-foil series resistor.
Placette passive. 
Are there passive attenuators that don’t zero volume and only offer one input ?

The op wants a passive pre with one input, that doesn’t go to zero, all the ones mentioned above do zero the volume.
As far as I know only the Lightspeed at minimum volume still has a small amount of output, as Light Dependent Resistors (ldr) can’t attain absolute zero impedance.

Cheers George