Are there new players with HDCD?

Are there still CD players being manufactured with HDCD decoders? If so, are they few and far between, from oddball companies, or are there quite a lot, from more mainstream firms?
-- Howard
The Naim CDP's decode HDCD, I used to have a Naim CDX2 and really liked it, I upgraded to an Esoteric UX-3 but could easily remained happy with the Naim, and I did like the HDCD in most cases.
Cary still supports HDCD, even their low end model. I would like to see some DACs with HDCD.
All of the Oppo players support HDCD.

The Lindemann 680D did play HDCD. Maybe the newer Lindemanns also do.
Thanks for the responses.
Denon DCM-390 changer also.
I think the key element is manufacturers who use the Cirrus Logic Crystal Audio Chips.
I had an Onix XCD-88 (Music Hall clone) that decoded HDCD. Great piece for the price.
Many Rotel CDPs continue to support HDCD. You can also find it on Rotel and Denon AVR receiver and prepros.
PF Online just posted a review of a Cary with HDCD....
The new Lindemann 825 Digital Player will decode HDCD, and does a fine job at it as well.
why bother. dbPoweramp will decode HDCD with its decoder pack so that you can rip and store HDCD's decoded 20 bits in 24 bit package. Thats what I do. DVD and SACD are the only reason to use a transport any more since their format is rip unfriendly.
The Berkeley Alpha dac will decode it....heck they wrote the code so it should!
Ayre decodes HCDC
Cary Audio's models CD-500, CD-303T and CD-306 are all new and current models supporting HDCD.