Are there more tirekickers now vs. then?

In the past 6 months, I've experienced quite a few people who have nothing better to do than make an offer then back out?..There is this guy named Robin Wyatt who actually said that he had sent his money order and checked with me periodically if I had received it. I found out that he never sent anything. In the meantime, I've stopped posting ads for my equipment and have also turned down and lost 2 serious buyers!..This Robin Wyatt guy is mental...he played with my mind and even sounded worried that his payment could be lost in the mail..even said he would put a trace on it...When I asked him to fax a copy of his money order to me, he never replied...never...What a LOOSER!
Believe me, there are more Robin Wyatt's out there. I feel for you, I had a guy ask about some speaker cables I had for sale on Audioshoper, we went thru a volley of several emails. When the time came to confirm payment he vanished. I sent 2 courtesy emails to see if he wanted them or not ( I mentioned , no harm done if not) Over a week later he decides to say no he cant afford them due to his computer crashing. I post them here on Audiogon 2 days later, same guy emails me with the same initial barrage of questions.
(sorry) I should add to my above post..the guy offered to buy the cables off my Audioshoper ad at a negotiated price. Then vansihed for a week, then claimed to be out of cash, then resurfaced off an Audiogon ad 2 days later. (My apolgies to my unfocused writing, I use webtv and can only see 4 lines of what I write)
The only strange buyer I have had was I guy who evidently never sent the money order. Originally he said the money order was sent; even have me the issuer and serial number. When I followed up, he said he sent it and it must be lost so he would send another one. The next day he sent me another confirmation with another money order serial number. I never got that one either and never heard from him again. If he had sent it, he obviously would have started asking me where the item he purchased was. Why people cannot just say they changed there mind and no longer want it is beyond me.
Well this actually goes both ways, a few weeks ago I made a deal with this guy on a piece of ARC equipment (after a few emails of haggling). The next day I checked my email and found two emails from him--one from the night before asking me to reply to confirm the deal (which we already made the deal, and COD shipping, etc were already setup). The second email in the early mentioned that I didn't reply so he already made a deal with an international buyer (?) and that buyer has already sent money order. When I confronted the seller about this, he said I can still buy it, but I have to send money first (??). Needless to say I said NO WAY! Here's a guy who makes deals after a deal has been made, and then goes back to the original buyer after the second buyer has sent the money??
There are other threads similar to this one. There are always going to be problems with buyers and sellers. As a seller I can never be sure the money is coming unless they use PayPal or something. I've had COD shipments refused. People forget they are moving and UPS did not forward. You name it. Real Estate agents get backup buyer contracts sometimes, why not audio? I never assume I have bought or sold something til I've seen money or gotten a tracking number from a shipper I can confirm.
This is another reason that it is important to leave feedback about "nutcases". Luckily, i have only encountered this one time and i did leave feedback stating what happened. While many people don't have feedback on Audiogon, Audioweb, AudioReview or Ebay to check up on, they can sometimes forward info concerning other web based transactions that they've made. A quick phone call can also deny or confirm your suspicions. If they won't give you their number, that should tell you something right there. If worse comes to worse, trust your instincts. Sean >
Wow, have I been lucky. I have had ten transactions buying and selling on audiogon, including a $4000 speaker purchase without significant problems. I used I-escrow for the speaker purchase and will use it again for major transactions. My only gripe is I have received items listed as a (9) that I would have listed as (8). I figure that goes with the territory buying used. I do wonder why I have no feedback. I have emailed all buyers of my equipment and all have replied items were received to their satisfaction.
Seems 90 percent of the time,I get email questions from people who want a review on the product.How it improves the sound,how it works with MY equipment,how it works with related other products it's not realy intended for.I don't think they know what the product IS; and they sure don't want to buy it.--Just happy to ask questions.They seem to be more interested in MY stuff,than the piece for sale.I seem to not even get to the level you folk are refering to. Sorry for the rant; I do get tired of being polite to these BOZOS
I get those too. Alos lots of "are these still available" e-mails, with zero follow up after an affirmative reply. Low abll offers also becoming more common, probably from foks who have no real sense of the value of what they are trying to buy OR are hoping to get a real steal. Nothing wrong with a deal, I guess. I generally pay asking price if its fair (50-60% of retail new), or simply don't inquire if I can't afford it.
I agree - a marked increase in cryptic emails asking if something is still available or will you take a very low price or both. I also agree with the viewpoint that this is probably just part of the environment, and you just have to be efficient at weeding them out and not assume you have a sale until it's final.